Sokahr the Keywarden BUG

Bug Report
same here Mp2 . was wondering why he doesnt move, thought i got a disc.
for the first quarter of his HP he was moving and atacking than he stopped and hp stay at 1.
He was near/directly standing beside a Terrain obstacle.
I kinda like it when it happens lol, makes things easier but you gotta wait a while before he "registers" that he's dead. kinda like a slowpoke thing. When his hp is "0" just walk around, dont attack him then all of a sudden he just pops and loot is everywhere ^^
Same here, Demon Hunter, Hardcore, lvl 21. This guy doesn't have any health left, but he refuses to die...
10/18/2012 04:04 PMPosted by RxPain
Long story short, TP back to town and hire the Rogue, respecc him into Powered Shot. It will finish off Sokahr. Personally tested and works 100% of the time for me so far.

This worked for me. Thanks

I have found the Templar Charge skill seems to work for this problem. Just walk far enough away from Sokahr until the Templar follows you then turn back around and let the Templar charge. Worked twice for me.

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