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how do you think about a WoW miniedition?
The idea is to play the previouse versions of WoW. I would like to paly it because of the story, atmosphere and so on. But of course it would be too much if everything would be available so I call it "miniedition" where only the main story is playable. Also the tank, dd and healer part isn't going to work because it should be a solo game. I imagine it something like Fable. The other details could be done by Blizz ;)

I also think it could be a good advertise for the newer expansions.

Now you could say: "Just buy WoW and go to the old dungeons." Well, I'm not very familiar with WoW, but I think it's impossible to do the old story especially after Cata. I also have not that much time to do all the pre-quests, farming and so on and I'm also not a multiplayer player.

What do you think? Would you like to buy and play it? Or do you think it's a waste because you don't get the feeling of WoW because it's not MMORPG (and allready spoiled to a lot of player)?
No. Terrible idea

Wow's quests and storyline isn't very good to begin with, and this idea would never work

if WoW didn't have multiplayer no one would play it

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