If you have UNDER 100k DPS, add me!

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10/14/2012 08:10 PMPosted by Harlequin
Kyokei, seems strange that Act 3 isn't a breeze for you with that dps? I'm waaay lower than you and I just started a different strategy that has me knocking over most blues without too much hastle. That spider queen is a breeze too now.

My thoughts too. With a couple of deaths I can do Act 3 w/o too many dramas, and apart from resist all and decent hitpoints my gear, relatively speaking, ain't great in comparison. I'm sure s/he can do it easily enough.
I can do Act 3 but I die a lot more often due to my playing style, I like to use TOC and vault through enemies so it's quite high risk.
Throw me an add, always keen to play a more laid back style than having to chase 220k DH's with capped run speed lol.
My DH is currently on the backburner a bit. Got sick of the fruitless search... Currently playing a lvl 37 monk. If anyone wants to add me then that would be cool. Cheers!
always nice to have more people to play with, kyo i shall add you next time im on if you havnt done it by then =) and of course anyone else is welcome to add me!
Had a blast with kyokei, Multiball and Nikki just before the server boots (thanks again all). I died heaps but, we seemed to roll elites in very quick succession, with some real nasty combos. If anyone else wants to add me, feel free for some non-elitist farming :p

Edit: post 1.0.5 Loky, I'll send through an invite.
This sounds like my kind of group :)

I'm doing around 40k (DH) without SS and finding act3 REALLY hard. I like playing in group games much better than solo so I've mostly been going gold runs in act 1 and adopting level 0s (brand new to inferno) and giving them rares etc. Ive been very slowly improving my fighting gears (compared to farming gear) which is fun, but some days it can get sooooo hard to find Players instead of Rushers (Rushers = trying to get to next act).

So please add me :) I play during the day NZ time and most evenings too
kyo, you're one of the good guys. Thanks again for your advice and other help!

PS don't worry about the bow. Mine will do in the meantime, it's really not that bad, and eventually I'll spot sometthing on AH or find a better one.

Cheers, mate!

@ Multiball and Leviathan: I'll wing you an an invite, so add me if you want. Frederov27 too :)

Seems I can't w/o battle tag or email, so please add me: Dallo#6408
Feel free to add me
add me if you want, I am mostly playing HC now, but have a 29K DPS 60[10] Demon hunter
i need gold
how far "under 100k dps" are we allowed?
If you don't mind a monk with only 15k in Act 3 Inferno, I'm in.

Need much better item but have no time nor money :P
i'm game! jibby#6218 online now :)
Wiz that needs gold and items here im down for anything Demonicus#6236
Add me SyMPhonix#6779
Never played publicly or in a group, but I want to start. I can cruise through Diablo up to MP2, but after around 3 I start to die a little. I play a wiz, my partner is the DH but prefers to stay solo. I'll up for anything, would like to get out of the monotony of farming by myself. My addy is Glitchy#6490.
Will add the ones that I haven't done so yet.

Got many requests so now I have an active list of 15 - 25 online players each night.

Cheers people, farming isn't so boring anymore when you can talk rubbish with others =)

*edit* Also I haven't managed to play with some of the guys I've added yet, hope to do that soon though
hi super friend :]

im pretty average. just starting to head ballz deep into inferno for pretty much the first time
can play pretty much any class as i have all up to 60 bar my wiz at 59
look up my character stats if u like
but yeah im keen to do some gold/item runs with you whener ur good, am on most nights after 7 sydney time


thanks :]
kyo, will u be on tonight? Need a DH by my side

Tried MP6 last night and got totally pawned by elites. lol

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