If you have UNDER 100k DPS, add me!

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Kyo, what MP does your group farm? I'm thinking of joining up with you guys this weekend...
Hey guys, I just got home so not sure if i can farm tonight, a bit wasted somewhat from bowling and drinking, try it, pretty fun and I get more accurate the more I drink
MP6 is pretty easy if you have decent resis and leech, you don't really need to worry that much about DPS until you hit the 7-10 cos the extra health just becomes zzzzzzzzzz
any one who need help for a freezing up elite packs just add me


whatever MP is fine
Hey mate
Just had a quick run with u tonight, till got pinged out, then the mrs said dinner was getting cold so I thought I'd better leave it for the night. Cheers for your time though. We will play again soon :)
Feel free to add me I have a lvl60 toon of all classes and like to play them all. I can do upto about MP6 with my DH and MP4 with the rest.

Hi, i'm under 100K DPS and seemed to be stuck at around 70K range. Items in AH are just way too expensive like few hundred Million for an item.....and the affordable ones are worse than mine so what do i do?? Not much luck with rares or Legendaries that I can actually use myself... Don't have the ingredients to make my own items either... :(
What Act do you run?

I can do up to MP5 in Act 3 Solo but it takes me too long to kill Elites. Only have close to 40K DPS.

Also good to see some Aussies banding together. Better then those American ragers :P
I'm keen.... Just dropped ss today, so testing out my gear... Normally play from 11 am onwards though... See ya in game.
I would love to play with anyone that's keen, 70k dps DH.
Farming runs etc, eberhard#1720 i run on sydney time :D
fell free to add me :D
I'm sick of running alone.

Add me :)

Will do another round of adds soon, gotta delete some people that no longer play first as I think my friends list has finally hit limit.

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