Error 31075

Technical Support
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why get in actionion house
got it now ...
Same error here.
yep, same here ...
Also have this error hopefully when i go on later it will be sorted. Looks like it's a waiting game now :P
same problem here.
Works for me now, clicking it like 100 times and it opened... :D

[Edit] But it doesn't show my auctions and finished ones and now it got stuck when I changed from real money to gold.

[Edit2] Okay, so if you hit the auction house button million times it will likely open eventually, but you can't do anything there but just watch the items that are currently in sell...
11/10/2012 09:05 AMPosted by fixye
same problem here.

Same here. Sad panda
same here
the only day i get to play and i cant
same error here (Italy)
Same error .
same, Ru
same error for me here in sweden
+error 3005
all error leave game ,,,, error action house ,,,, error add friend 3005

only error
error in town, error in ah, error with leah, error in sewers, error error

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