connection timed out frequently happening

Technical Support
it seems that this keeps happening in us server only,
I logged into the eu server and created a character, then played for around 2 hrs, no connection error happened

but when i played in us server, "your connection to service has timed out(3007)“ this connection error frequently happened.

so it demonstrates that my pc, os and internet connection are all fine, there must be something wrong with us server

the condition never happened before, and i got this issue since last sunday night

its like connection timed out approximately in every 30mins after starting a game

ive had enough of it, this is really annoying and makes game unplayable

blizz plz fix it
Exact same trouble every 30 mins kicked out.. Fix it cuz it's impossible to enjoy it like this!!!
same here also does this on wow also
it was fine before, but recently i start getting it every 30-40 min or so. lost 2 chars on hardcore with around 150 hrs on them because i lost the connection. FIX THE DAMN THING

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