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So, my Monk has about 125% mf with 5 stacks. I have found 2 legendaries and Nats boots tonight, managed to get two keys as well. Also, several good rares have dropped. Also, I have found about 500k gold.

I am running 37k dps without buffs and you can check my stats through my profile, I am a very average monk.

The reason I am saying this is that if you are a casual player then hop onto Monster Power 1 and run through Act 1. I focus on Festering Woods, The Manor Courtyard (Then i check for the Tower) and then I go to find the Key guardian.

Hopefully this helps the 'lesser' players here. I dont understand much of what has changed in this patch, but i love the changes.

Ps, if MP1 is too much (It was for me until i got a bit of gold). Then, play Act 3 and start the Second Heart Quest and play through until you kill Azmodan. This is reletively easy with cheap gear like mine.
Interesting, i found nothing but over 60 lv rares which is fantasic but no legendarires or sets. Random is Random but this patch has improved the drop rates by far. Been farming on MP 2 and everyone saying farming on MP 1 is getting leg/sets. So i might just change mine to MP 1 to see how it goes.

Btw how the hell are you farming all the way to azmodan with your gear? Check mine and see what im doing wrong because i can't even get to him without getting slaughtered.
Tonight I managed to pick up both Chantodo's Will (Set Staff, 1000+ DPS) and Andariel's Visage Legendary (very poor Armour) during about 3 hours total play time.

This was after only one Legend (a 150DPS sword) in the last 3-4 weeks, so I'm very happy.

I picked up the Set Staff in multi MP4 Act I Fields of Misery, and the Legend Helm in solo MP0 Act III Tower of the Damned.

Yes, MP0, I was getting very sick of the Elites.

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