looking for farming team act 1 mp3/4

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Feel free to add me.
will do
add me i'll be on tonight.
will do also, when i get some time! cash job at 2:30, surf til 5:30 mrs coming over at 6, sex from 6:30 to 6:31, dinner, then d3 while she watches some real housewives crap
Hit me up when you get on, 160k dps DH
Only act 1? Anyway add me!
Hey, is that "pieman" from The Simpsons?
Feel free to add me anyone -- I'm comfortable from MP3-6.

110k DPS Monk, 48k hp (880k EHP)

(profile took snapshot while i was in process of re-gearing from barb to monk so ignore that)
if there is still a spot would love to join. Add me BlindFury#6193 .

Mp4 was a stretch single player but expect multi should be a bit better.

Looking for some good games so others feel free to add as well.

Oh. I'm WD too.
I'm keen :) Choofwang#6363 I'm a WD btw 100k+ dps
lol tifa, no my names simon and i happen to like pies, people caught on. it turns out playing in a group with the WD kicks !@#, will add those of you i missed tonight
Count me in. Leviathan#1767
ic, cute name regardless... ^^
u can add me too if u want.
will do, ill be home at about 5:30
Add me to please Pieman I am on most nights perth time.
I'd be keen if you think my specs are up to it
Add me SyMPhonix#6779
i'll !@# you both tonight, hopefully can get a party of 4 tonight!
lol typed a s s instead of add
Add me Iceblink #1422 if I'm around I'll join in. 90k dps melee wiz, view profile for details.

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