we need Uber-killers

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i never said i could do high MP. what i'm saying is that if we have a few in the Aus community that can, then the rest of us lower level people can put the machines together and you awesomer guys can be our assassins. we do the leg work to set em up, you badasses knock em down. we get a higher chance at our organs, you guys get free portals. win-win.
I am regularly doing MP7 ubers for people with my friend's barb. Contact me if you need it done. Will need 2 spaces (the barb and me).
hey guys im a pretty decent monk ive done mp8 before with a party havent tried mp10 add me
AusDaniel#1315 if you need anyone
118k dps unbuffed monk 560 ar 44k hp
Farming mp10 is a silly idea, i run with a team of top hero score players in server and don't bother with it. MP6-7 is really about it, I don't play a lot but is already assembling 4th ring. Just go with 6-7 even if you have the top hero score, save urself the time for more farming instead.
ok, i've had a few days off from the game now, so i'm still short on keys... will come back when i have 3 thingos ready.

my bro in law is assembling his bits too.
Farming MP7 on a DH.

Running Calamity Stun Lock build. Can tank elites easily.

Hit me up.
Hey guys I can solo MP10. please add me ingame if still interested.

Btag: TLkmDN#6188
Honestly I'm unable to solo mp10 uber bosses but able to do solo mp9 act1-4 runs with my barb.
I normally run with a DH buddy of mine and some other random people to kill uber bosses. We did up to mp8 and it was kind of a stroll in a park especially if we have a monk for support.
Add me up if you're interested buddy. =)

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