Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

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maybe reduce the snare amount from a3 KW's crazy, screen-clearing ice bodies?
10/22/2012 09:39 AMPosted by Setekh
Honestly I think damage was fine the way it was, it was just Xah'Rith's damage that was disproportionate.


he's like the new butcher
Omg thank you guys! My demon hunter and witch doctor may see some use now :) , the barb is also grinning. Farming mp8/9 can be hard for him with certain mobs, and truly nothing should be able to stand in his way with the gear he is rocking.

Monster health is fine, damage could be very spikey at times. Or has nobody ran into those trees in the fields of misery at mp8 on top of an elite mob or two. Its ugly.

The only issue I have is that I can no longer play with my dh/wd/wiz friends because they simply die too easily at higher mp levels and are not doing enough damage overall to be helpful in a party.

If blizzard could please just look into maybe bringing back NT as it used to be for dh, and reconsider the toc nerf because dh's would be very happy and useful in higher mp levels.

The witch doctor could use a few more high damage abilities and maybe shorter cooldowns and some more ways to regen mana.. Perhaps the inclusion of proper mana on hit spells or even items would help them vomit bears more efficiently.

I would love to be able to use my wd.

The wizard is good but a good wand/offhand is worth more than all of my characters combined and simply not worth the effort or gold imo. Nerfing perma freeze wizards makes sense as it did break the game, but maybe putting in a better way to sustain archon and push out damage would be appreciated.
Jesus, Stop making Diablo3 easier and easier... It's annoying.. Makes me want to quit the game. :< It's fine the way it is. In fact it's fun for me at this point.
Wish you guys wouldn't do this =(
Even though the damage is a slight problem on certain encounters, the sheer amount of health on higher MP levels makes it boring to do.
Well, that escalated quickly.
10/22/2012 10:21 AMPosted by Deadlight
Wish you guys wouldn't do this =(

even if it wasnt in line with your initial ideas, monster power damage isn't unbearable.

the entire idea of the system is to allow players to scale difficulty up to extreme levels, and MP10 is completely doable as is, if not too easy.

im going to be a very sad panda if this is the first of several gradual nerfs to the monster power system.

i think you should add a MP11 setting with all the exact values of MP10 at the original launch, so people that WANT the game to be difficult wont suffer when 1/2 the community complains until it gets nerfed.
noooooooooo......cry babies win again.

I enjoyed being one/two shotted and making one mistake and you're dead. Much more thilling game. Leave it!!
The real issue was reflect owning us Monks. MP7 here I come!!
Monster damage is fine -.-
10/22/2012 10:29 AMPosted by ATLAS305
The real issue was reflect owning us Monks. MP7 here I come!!

Undergeared monks maybe. My boys have no problem. Like him..

Love him farming MP10/ubers... hits for like 20 million crits all the time.
Reading this, it seems like this change is only for monster affix damage, but the title of the post totally reads like it's a global nerf.
so all damage from monsters is reduced across the board when MP is enabled?

or is just damage from elite packs' special abilities (affixes) reduced?
I agree with you damage IS fine the way it IS, however I disagree in the second part, if Xah'Rith's damage was too much for you then you need to use different strategy
100% agree... game is more fun now
Once again Blizzard takes further steps in the right direction to please the wider player base, well done guys. To those complainers moaning about this bug fix why not ramp up to MP10 and enjoy your own game the way you want?
Why wtF? dont mess with the MP
Come on... Stop nerfs nerfs and nerfs...

This is a shame, u test something during 1 month, then fix something only 1 week later it's live ?

Such a joke.

The reason why this damages should NOT BE NERFED IS SIMPLE : actually i play in mp6. I crush thrashes quite easily but vs elites, I got some challenge many times, I take damages, sometimes I need to kite monsters etc AND THIS IS FINE, WE NEED CHALLENGE NOT JUST RIGHT CLICK EVERYTHING AND CHECK FOR LOOT.

Simple things to do to IMPROVE progression through MPX is :
-allow lifesteal on all belts.
-reduce slightly HP scaling for mp 7+ (like 5/10%)
- Let the MP 10 be a real HARD challenge.

With this nerf coming, we will have mp10 monsters dealing as much damages as actual mp6/7 monsters.
What's the point ? Just sit in all desecrate/Molten for... 2 mns and... do nothing ?

We told u that the MP system was not balanced, but u changed nothing.
Do it now.

Monk from EU, bored.
I have an idea, there are 2 mode in diablo 3, normal and hardcore, just make another one, easy mode, make monster in normal dif drop lvl 63 legendary, even make it always drop at least in 1 run from the first mob and give them full set items for starters for each class

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