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10/22/2012 09:46 AMPosted by OldSchool
I still don't understand, so to make a long story short; only monster abilities (affixes) are currently doing more damage then what is intended? So, as a result, you are scaling down all monster damage as a whole, including monster abilities (affixes), which was the only damage type that was not working correctly? This will get the monster abilities (affixes) to be at the intended damage and the rest of inferno slightly lower then what was intended?

I was thinking the same thing. It's just how they seem to do things, cutting corners, doing things quick and cheap.
everytime i read this explanations they seem a BIG LIE
its so stupid and clear...
Problem: monster abilities damage
Solution: reduce ALL monster dmg
Conclusion: terrible bad lie

I prefer reduce con monster abilities and life, than a reduction on full dmg, the overall dmg was fine... life is ridiculously high

for dudes like you, you can always play level 3 or below =)...

I am very very happy playing with the MP5 alone and I know MP8-9-10 is hard which I like it!, please dont ruin the game with your cry-baby tears
Stop "fixing" the game for the newbs.
10/22/2012 10:55 AMPosted by Rastlin
I am glad the change is happening. To many elitist in here. Thanks Blizzard for finding and fixing it.

This QFT

Thank you for finding and fixing this, I look forward to MP7-8 now for key runs instead of MP5.
10/22/2012 09:52 AMPosted by Infantry
All I got from this was, "Hey guys, I have no life so I played a video game for a day straight instead of doing something productive like working out or spending time with a girlfriend, even though I probably should have taken that time to go to the gym because I am drastically overweight from playing too many video games. On a good note though, I found a bunch of fake items in a video game and I really wanted to let you guys know that these items do infact drop if you give up on life and just play video games."

Bad News: ANYONE who leaves comments on a videogame forum is an insufferable nerd.
If Blizzard would leave monster damage as it is and reduced monster hp with the same amounts, it would be a much better change. Making mobs into more harmless meatbags is taking the game in the wrong direction. Tension replaced by tedium.
As said here, I think that getting AWAY enrage on bosses and/or lowering life would be the best alternatives.

We have to remember that the fast way MP was implemented, brought with it a lot of monster SUPER atacks like Subjulgators Punch, and other ridiculous elemental damages.

Lets play first, and see what is going to happen.
Thank You!!!
This is much appreciated, quick resolution after discovery!!
Are you going to be hotfixing any other bugs? Like Critical Mass not working with Archon teleport (listed in known bugs upon release).
lol@suckers who believe this is actually a fix and not a nerf.
All the people saying "omg it was already so easy and now it will only be easier...i was already farming mp10" You belong to like the 1% man. Everyone else I know was being 1 shot in mp10..then again they don't spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of millions of gold in the AH..that's the only reason you're able to do mp10 that easily and you know it. Shame on you.
Why are you doing this? The damage feels fine as it is now. This is going to bump a lot of people up 2-3 levels where they simply don't have the DPS to kill stuff in a timely manner. I'm at MP 6 now and this change will let me survive in MP8/9, but everything there has 5x the hitpoints. I'd rather the monsters kick my butt and send me down in MP than to go back in MP because I can't beat the Uber enrage timer.

"Let's invent 10 new difficulty levels, because the first 4 difficulty levels we invented were not difficult enough, then let's reduce the difficulty of those 10 new difficulty levels."

Wystan View profile

Why do I have the feeling that this nerf is not needed and quite bad for the game, let me elaborate:
1) the higher difficulties gave more of a challenge, now after the hotfix lvl 10 would feel like lvl 7 on live. I know what you crybabies will say " o lvl 10 was only a gear check" so what? let it be something to stride for and invest in, not a joke/walk in the park
2) round 2 in the quest for completely destroying the auction house, gold and real money, more "noobs" farming => lower to the ground the price of good items. When finally I was enjoying the game a bit more this comes, yes my fun comes from selling to nublets insane items.

i completely agree.......
This was done to go along with the idea of certain defensive skills feeling 100% manditory. To the people crying about this bug fix, take off your defensives on MP10 and go more offensive. Example: switch prismatic armor for shocking aspect or thunderstorm. Drop STI and OWE for combination strike and beacon of ytar. Switch WC for earthquake. That will help with the high mob hp problem a bit and you can still get one-shot when you mess up. lol @ the "Ma, the meatloaf--F#&%" crowd. Just lol. Don't worry, Blizzard, you'll never please these people even when you are handing them build diversity on a silver platter.

As a lazy efficient farmer I avidly promote this change.

As a hardcore gamer WTF!?! - MP10 doesn't need to be nerf.

I have been gearing towards MP 10 since patch release.

I'm already at MP8 transitioning into MP9.

I don't need the game to be handed to me!!!.

I was planning to gear to the neck for MP10.

On the other hand, yay more MF and GF easy farming!!!
This is stupid. Blizz stop nerfing for the noobs. Why create mp levels if you wanted everyone to be able to able to roll mp10?

MP10 should only be attainable at godly gear levels. My gear set isn't godly, but it's friggin cherry to most. I was only able to farm mp7 before getting my !@# handed to me and thats what made it fun. I wanted to farm for better gear to defeat mp10.

With the nerf coming in, I'll be rolling mp10. What am I working towards now? Honestly, what's the point?
If you have a game with eleven different difficulty settings and not a single one of them is particularly difficult, what is the point of the difficulty levels?

We have a company that have gone from "you will die" (which we did, but mostly because anything above Inferno Act 1 was completely untested) to a company that seems pathologically afraid of providing a challenge, even if you make it optional.

I guess avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome while killing bosses with 200M+ hp is a challenge of sorts.
i find it amusing that in a game like this where its more about what gear you have than ability to play your class well, that most of those having issues with nerfs to the game to allow more players to experience it, are those with good gear already, and those same people like to call others noobs or unskilled. when about 50% or more of them would not do any better with the lower gear level.
gear doesnt make you a pro or elitist. just gives you a stronger weapon so to speak.
it wold be the equivelant of fighting someone and you have a gun, and the "noob" has a knife. if you were forced to use a knife as well, how "elite" would you be?
i know my gear is mid range, able to handle MP6, and the fact i play a monk which has had its issues with nerfs to its armor/dodge has some impact, but im not going to cry cause those stuck at MP 1 would jump into the content.
the mentality in alot of the trolls and elitists is just ridiculous. they dont even realize they are still a mediocre player with better gear than average.(sure some know how to play well and have gear, but many are just flexing their Epeen)

im sure these types are the same who hate playing games where only player skill determines who is better.

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