Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

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As a Wizard I approve of these changes...
Are people honestly complaining about this? Good lord. MP levels are just a time killer until PvP comes out guys. Then they will be borderline irrelevant. Enjoy your easier farming and gearing up in preparation for PvP. Quit complaining. DPS nerf welcomed. Thanks Blizz. Now I can clear mp 5 easily and swiftly and actually have a 50% shot at snagging keys. They seem to almost never pop up in mp 3-4.
Omg, I spent my whole fortune to gear up my monk to increase survivability so I can face tank mp6 n do decent dmg....

Blizzard, if I know u will be nerfing the dmg, I would have gone more on offence side rather than defense side..

Omg, I guess I will be doing mp9 then.. Im over geared for mp6 if the Nerf really happens...

P/s. please give some challenge instead of making the game easier for all the babies and whining gamers.. They should learn to take up challenge instead of asking for easy way out..
I like when they nerf overall gameplay and nerds go ballistic because it makes the game easier but when they nerf the class they play to make things harder they are personally offended.
why reduce it? It's fine and it should get rather harder than easier.... oh man.
IMO this change is good, IFFFFFF they add more monster powers to the end. So extend it to 15 or 20. OTHER wise its a bad change.

Scratch that, this change sucks. If anything they should have make MP 9 and 10 even harder. Do you not get it blizzard, people want a almost impossible task in this game. Make MP 9 & 10 just stupid hard. Why not, everybody else still has MP0-8 to farm in. /facepalm blizzard
I don't usually read official forums to avoid trolls and drama. I stumbled across this and just felt the need to comment.

I trust Blizzard to do what is best for the game. I played D2, and loved it. If they are making a change, it's probably beneficial to the game.

With that being said, this is my opinion:

If you're on here arguing it's going to be too easy, stop using the AH. I scanned profiles of the people who were complaining MP7+ was already easy. You are using TOP TEIR gear. Some people would consider this Best In Slot. I've never seen a game where players using the VERY best gear can still struggle through content unless he/she did not know how to use the buttons designated to issue commands in game. I rarely (if at all) use the AH, and you can see my gear is far from godly or good. Why? Because this is all I've found. Any "GG" items, I've found rolled bad and got sold to a vendor. The game is designed by chance (chance to find items, chance to roll good/bad), you're only harming your own game's longevity by skipping the chance part of the game. Also, go play hardcore. Don't use a shield, don't stack vitality, don't 'slowly' walk through the game.. Play exactly the same style you do now, and PM me how far you make it. That's where the real challenge (and why Blizzard rarely balances the game around it) lies.

If you're here crying that everyone else is crying and making the game easy, please read this twice. Coaches are able to help players improve and become more efficient and effective. If you asked those same coaches to participate in the game they know so well, you'd be suprise to see how many of them can not execute it. There are two things that make a game easy or hard; those are gear and skill. If you outgear everything, it will be easier. If you have an abnormally high player skill things will be easier. At the same time, there are players who lack these things, and the game is always too hard. Blizzard's job is to find a balance, but there is no right or wrong. Some people will always find the game too hard, and some players will always find the game too easy. If the players who think the game is too hard, there is a good possibility that they are doing something to make it hard (low skill level, not understanding basic mechanics, etc.). If there are players out there who think the game is too easy, there is a reason you are making it too easy (exploiting, purchasing (IGG or RMAH) high teir gear, high player skill). Just understand this transcends gaming, people come across these same problems all the time in life, especially with school.

Don't bother quoting and arguing with me, unless you can speak of experiences that matter, and provide empirical data to back your claims.

(Editied to fix typos).
Isn't the point of higher monster power to make the game harder? So explain why you guys would make it easier...
LAME.... so now Barb will be even more god like...
Why do I have the feeling that this nerf is not needed and quite bad for the game, let me elaborate:
1) the higher difficulties gave more of a challenge, now after the hotfix lvl 10 would feel like lvl 7 on live. I know what you crybabies will say " o lvl 10 was only a gear check" so what? let it be something to stride for and invest in, not a joke/walk in the park
2) round 2 in the quest for completely destroying the auction house, gold and real money, more "noobs" farming => lower to the ground the price of good items. When finally I was enjoying the game a bit more this comes, yes my fun comes from selling to nublets insane items.

You need to leave the game then. These nerfs that you think are not needed originate from people like you driving the prices on the AH. A vicious circle bro.. in the end, you need to use your head.

You can't commit one action without another happening. If you don't want the nerfs happening to make the game easier, then gear has to be made easier to get. There is this little thing called the vast majority of people Blizzard has to cater to, to keep the game alive.
Blizz, you forgot to cater to AH flippers. Now they mad. "grrrr i'm mad sez AH flipper, i can has mp7 and only me, no legit players pweese, i can has?"
I am not geared to farm MP 10, but I did have a look in, got 5 stacks and did the Act 1 key.

What I found was that monster damage in MP 10 1.0.5 is still less than Act 3 Inferno 1.0.2.

The damage is fine, mild even. The HP pools are huuuge, but you did explain the reason for that and it does make some sense.

But to nerf damage more in the hardest difficulty (and the others) when it is still less than vanilla, is...quite strange indeed.

Stop posting with a trash player. when you post with nothing to back your post is is like trolling. Cant see if you have godly gear or average or approx how much time in game you have by number of kills. Makes your post kinda worthless
stupid idea. this was the exact reason to have higher monster power. if you cant do a higher difficulty then turn it down. stop nerfing blizz
I want mobs to stop moving at all when I attack them, I want each trash pack to drop me 1 legendary.


I want mobs to stop moving at all when I attack them, I want each trash pack to drop me 1 legendary.



All these post from ppl that are elitist and post with crap player so nobody can see the RMAH gear.

I have good gear and am happy for the change. I dont need to feel my epeen

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