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gawa ka peysbuk page hahaha
There's more than you think. Hahaha.

Madaming pinoy na nag lalaro ng D3..

Its just that, we have to speak in English so everyone can understand. ToS din ata or something.. reason why they made a different section for other languages.

EDIT: We dominate most gaming platform ;) Bonus nalng ung RMAH. haha.
Add me. Farming all day.
Pinoy WD here. Add nyo ko pre
Good to Know na dami nating fans ng WD class..heh
Choose Philippines..Add me up. ty
Apparently the Filipinos really like the WD, lol

Not Filipino myself, but have many Filipino friends, rock on brothers!
add me up. :D please comment on my WD and tell me what to upgrade to get to 100k DPS :D
idagdag nyo ako.
anyone got any tips on making gold? I've had a really hard time farming for items and the stuff I want from AH are too rich for my blood.

Lifetime gold ko around 7m pa lng siguro.

Thanks gd!
@Mumuchacha01 stack up more CC and CD on your amulet,rings,bracers helm you"ll be breaking the 100k dps barrier sooner than u think.. ;)
@enzero: chambahn lang tlga yan.. farm ka lang ng mas madaminpa.. i would recommend act 3 > keeps > tower > areat, dun madalasmag drop ung legendary items.. ;)
What is pinoy?
@Glitch: ginagamit k yung alkaizer route @MP1-2. So far mostly rares lng mga drops k. I've only seen parang 2-3 legendaries so far. All were those that were worth less than 1M sa AH.
@Enz3r0 I use alkaizer's too but i only farm MP0 lol :D

it only takes me 13 minutes i think and every once in a while I get a big ticket item worth 50M+

just kill and kill and kill mobs
@mumuchacha01: haven't seen any big ticket items even on mp2. The items I have on baring the zuni pieces and the 1H are all stuff given to me by a buddy of mine.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it takes me around 50 minutes to do the run+stonefort.
add me me. i dont need a ring anymore for my WD, but maybe for my barb, take a look if you dont believe me !!!
^grabe nmn yang hellfire mo!!
10/27/2012 05:35 PMPosted by Zimerust
What is pinoy?

Pinoy is what some Filipino people call themselves instead of saying they are Filipino. It's slang that was originally used by Filipino immigrants to the US that caught on and is now widely used by people living in the Philippines as well.
pa add lester#6168

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