Issue joining more than one game.

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Hi, I have recently been experiencing what seems like a strange sort of bug in diablo 3 but also something similiar in starcraft 2.

What happens:
I login to Diablo 3 and then join a game. I leave that game (doesn't matter how long I'm in it) and try to join another game. It won't load and sit there watching the loading screen for about 2 minutes and then it bounces back to the character screen. I then need to logout and log back in to then be able to join a game.

Similarly in starcraft 2 I play a game and then when I go to play another game it finds the players but before it does the countdown to start the game it just seems to drop and the game doesn't start. I then have to logout where when I hit the login screen it says it needs to connect to again.

It is like it's losing connection to the server after I've played a game? I don't know if this is an issue with the servers or something on my end of things. I am running on a fairly new macbook pro and haven't encountered any issues except this one.

Any suggestions?
Try wiping your Cache folder and see if it helps.

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