Soj % damage not working since 1.05?

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Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that since 1.05 patch that the Soj's x% damage to elites has stopped working? Ive been testing it today since i noticed my damage has fallin dramatically since downloading 1.05 patch. With all buffs up and Soj equiped it was EASY to crit 800k+ each shot but now im doing the standard 500-600k crits that i used to do before i got a Soj. Did i miss something in the patch notes?
thanks i was about to buy 1 today..ill wait to see if this is a bug or fixed b4 i buy
Could it have something to do with all monsters being iLvl 63 in MP now. A 61-62 elite would have less armor than a 63
It's working fine for me. Just equip it off and on and note the damage differences.
Elites % damage does not show on the char screen thus no real way to test it besides killing elites. Pre patch i was running act 3 so the monster level really shouldnt make that big of a difference since i was already fighting 63's there.
I havn't noticed any changes.

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