Best Hellfire Ring

Items and Crafting

OMG, this one is SICK.
I can't really tell what affixes mine rolled

Min Damage
Max Damage
Physical Resistance
??? (Another Dmg modifier I assume)

This ring would be awesome for leveling to 60. that's pretty much the best I can provide.
Best I have been able to muster. Nothing else has come remotely close.


29-80 Ave Dam (double Roll)
194 Dex
33% CD
4.5% CC
+182 intel
+57 AR
+CHD 30%
+CC 5%
HealthGlobes/Potions +6976
This is my 1st ring:

CC 4.5%
CD 45%
DEX 191
VIT 59
FireR 57

Dang lucky. crafted about 6 rings so far and best I've got is high dex along with some CD
My 3rd hellfire ring
171 dex
73 vit
6% attack speed
33% crit damage
4% crit hit

lots of protection and damage. all stats are perfect for a DH
24-46 dam
189 str
44 int
82 vit
74 ar
31 crit dam
34-68 dmg 189 dex 22crit dmg 3.5% crit 30 lightrez
Ive gotten quite a few compliments on my barbs hellfire. It was the 4th or 5th that i rolled, so i got pretty lucky lol. Cant craft another even close for any of my other chars.
I win :) got mine on my 3rd roll its on my barb a trifecta one
sorry this is my tri ring was on sc 2 account
So much effort and even then no fun....yet another item bummer...
hey folks,
not sure i shall craft more hell rings.
this is my ring
is there a chance to get a better one?
thx in advance

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