The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

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@nihues - well i do not know about the damage from the axe, but i needed LS and APoC~ in my recent new video *link is on the front page!*, you can see sometimes i do run out of ap even tho i have 6 extra ap regen, 28 apoc and -13 ap meteor reduction from items ! yup, so even if tat weapon might improve the damage, i stil can't use it because i like to keep my meteors consistent~
Checked out the advanced build and it's beautiful. Took a bit of a dps hit but in actuality im doing way more, especially against elites with the classic D2 legend: SoJ. Baal suffered many deaths from the powers of that ring XD

Quick question once more, how the hell are you never taking damage? In MP10 im pretty much 1 or 2 shotted by anyone. You seem to never take any damage. How are you evading them so well?

Also, your crit mass is proccing at an amazing rate. I don't seem to be anywhere near that. You have about 10% higher crit chance than me, shouldn't that mean you only proc 1/10th faster? You seem to be able to cast diamond skin every second!


Can't wait to reach that point, keep the amazing vids coming and thanks a bunch for all the help :D

- Robby
This has been a really fun build. I changed out slow time for frost nova and at lower MP levels I'm using Meteor shower which just seems to work better for me so far. Once thing I found with meteor shower is that it seems to refresh CM much faster as there are more individual hits from the numerous meteors. Am I just imagining that or do you think that's accurate?
@Bathory - LS is the key! it looks as if i'm not taking damage but actually i do! it's just that because the meteor damage is so high, my hp just jumps back up to full instantly ! Also, getting more armor and resistance are extremely important !

About my crit mass proccing at fast rate, you are right when if i have 10% more crit chance than you, i'd proc 1/10 faster, but this theory would only work when there's one monster! when there's a group of monsters, the effect is sort of compounded, so that's why i proc at a fast rate,

and thank you for watching the advanced video :D !

@monty797 - nope! you aren't imagining. it is because meteor showers isn't like other meteor runes, it launches 7 distinct meteors, and each of their initial impacts have a chance to proc CM when they crit !
this is amazing build. thanks emperor. i am a group player. is this build works with group ??? like 4 players??
Yes PLUTO, this build helps your group out a lot actually. Any other ranged can stand behind the bubble and just freecast without being in harm.

Emperor - does the +20% increase dmg within the bubble apply to group members as well?
im happy that the insight on the Burning Axe went good =D
omg I didn't even think of that; had no idea the it was for each monster hit... WOO!!!!

Thanks so much!
I'm going to try the burning axe with meteor shower next. That should be a pretty impressive DPS boost I'd imagine. That with the additional chance of CM being triggered I'm liking it a ton more. Now to find a SOJ to help lower the cost even more....Someone want to sell me a SOJ cheap ;)
@CosmoKramer -- The answer to your question is yes. All enemies inside the bubble take 20% more damage, regardless of who is dealing it.

@Emporer -- Have you ever considered using Meteor-Comet along with Cold Blooded instead of Molten Impact and Conflageration? I know Comet does slightly less damage initially and over time but the Cold Blooded adds 20% damage as long as enemies are slowed. Just thought it would stack better. Could you try it out and post back here to let me know? I don't have the gear to pull it off yet.
If I may just add my "budget" meteor build. It adds a signature spell for those of us who are not as well geared.!gVX!cacYaa

Basically you start by casting Living Lightning as soon as you see a pack. It creates crits and damage independently so you can get to the task of casting meteors.

Depending on your gear you may need to cast living lightning every now and then to keep the meteors going. You'll soon find a rhythm that works for you. (LL, Met, Met, Met, LL, LL, Met, Met, Met, etc.)

The Paralysis passive works well with this build because there is a ton of lightning damage going on. It will often hold the packs immobile so you can continue to pound them with meteors.

Substitute slow time or whatever you want for the magic weapon. It isn't key, just goes with the lightning theme. :)

OP, feel free to add this to the original post if you feel worth while.
I love this build, thanks for sharing. I didn't know with my gear I could do higher than MP2! but I'm doing M5's now :)
I love this build, thanks for sharing. I didn't know with my gear I could do higher than MP2! but I'm doing M5's now

Same here. Thanks a lot. That build makes so much fun. !!!
And perfect for my Tal Rashas Set.
For sub par geared Wiz's like myself-lacking enough APOC and CC- I switched magic weapon with Venom Hydra and using the 80% slow time . This seems to work for me for easily doing mp2. Just my 2 cents for the sub geared of us.
erm... it just hit me but whats the point in full Tal rasha? why would you want 2 extra AP per sec when you get some by crit? wont it be totaly useless passed the cap of 20 AP per crit if your crit is higher then 30-40?

i think 2 Pieces for the 3% fire bonus is enought?
i mean, i dont know all gears that exist, but im sure there is higher end options?

Edit: also if some want to consider the Comet Rune, you might look into Frostburn Gloves?(you loose alot of Crit/Crit dmg possibly from the glove tho)
Getting bored with my Barb. Tried your build spending a slight amount in GAH to see how it plays. Only tried it in MP2 so far but pretty damn fun. Thanks!

Might just keep the build and work it up a bit for higher MP

This build would really rock with less tele cooldown for quickness.
Moved from the Templar with the enchantress now that i aquired a The Tormentor that got chances of Charm on it never enought charm =D can't belive i never used her before she got so much Crowd control i love her for this build all left skill exept last one o-o
dont tell me that you had to go through every skull grasp in the ah to find one with meteor reduction. I figured how to somewhat sort SoJs though, but skull grasp?
@NaRCKiLLeR99 - will do !

@KaosSoul - because if you do in fact run out of ap to cast meteor, you would want to lessen the waiting time ! and tal items isn't that bad!
Tal ammy - one of the best ammies around for wiz
tal armor - great dps boosting item!
tal belt - has 1% crit chance and % bonus to elite
tal source - rolls with fixed apoc and cc !

I would be using tal helmet too if tal helmet had APoC, and replace tal's ammy with a -5 meteor ap reduction mara's ammy :\

*in my recent video about molten impact, you can see i actually do run out of ap, but the wait time is so minimal it stil looks as if im constantly spamming*

@LooseCannon - Oculus source has the fixed affix of reducing seconds on teleport ~ you can try that

@Safka - i think skull grasps are easier to sort than SOJ , had a hard time to find a decent SOJ with -5ap meteor

Search field : Skull grasp
Affix : INT 200
Affix : INT 100 and crit chance
Affix : INT 100 and crit damage

^^ hope that helps u !

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