The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

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Updated! Due to many queries about this build in group play, i've uploaded a video which includes:

- Champ & Rare packs fight
- Keywarden Fight
- Uber boss fight
hi i am using your build now, its fantastic much fun than my ex barb. can you see my gears and see how else can i improve? i can only do max mp3 on wiz but mp5 on my barb. many thanks

will appreciate if you can show how to do the molten build also, which i see much better than the starpact

by the way i do have SOJ but it deducts a lot of life and damage from my current setup
@lsf - hi there! hmmm gear wise, your gear is pretty solid ! but if you could upgrade, i'd say upgrading your tal ammy and weapon!

tal ammy - get 1 with cc
weapon - get 1 with LS, APoC and socket/CD or both!

for molten build guide, i've posted a video guide about it ~ its on the front page.

glad you are having fun with the build !
thought they nerfed the procs on meteor so it was a lot less viable?
great build, the wizard community benefits from people like you!

not sure if the question was asked before: LOH or life leech?
@at Isf get a Tal ammy with Fire bonus dmg too!
This is nice but what's the other build so I can compare the two of them, please?
the only differance is the Rune on Meteor one being Star Pact(Cheaper on AP) the other is Molten being higher in Dmg but more costy on AP

edit: personaly i use Shock Pulse w/ Living Lighting and i do Molten with my current items at MP5..., i removed Familiar , removed all AP regen, the APoC from Living Lighting keeps it quite high o-o, just another way to see it for people who dont want / can't afford a Tal Set =D

edit2: do notice that i have low attack Speed atm

edit3 : Mage fist gloves even more Fire % !
Loving this build, thanks man!

I read through all of the posts here and saw some discussion about attack speed with this build, can somebody just clear things up for me please? What are the advantages of attack speed with this build? (Should other stats be sacrificed for, say Tal's chest w/ the %AS)


Bid here for ideal source to run this build:

Full Stats on Oculus:

i63 Legend
+121-450 Dmg
+243 INT
+10% CC
+9 ApoC
-5 Meteor AP Cost
+3% Bonus vs Elites
-1 Teleport CD
+83 DEX


Min. Starting Bid is now 81m
Buyout at 144M
You should play a game with me because I'm not a very good wizard, atm.
I run this build, with a very similar gear setup to Emperor, and its freakin FUN. I just need to get a weapon with lifesteal, and I think ill try my luck at ml7 and up.

Hey, what MP do you run? And how do you survive with your resist so low? I've been testing this build out on mp3 and can not stay alive.
ive ran a similar build since i started playing wizard that is kind of a mix of this and cm/ww.

lc = spectral blade - healing blades (for reflect dmg affix)
rc = meteor - molten impact
1 = frost nova - bone chill
2 = teleport - wormhole
3 = diamond skin - crystal
4 = slow time - time warp (i sometimes also switch this for explosive blast time bomb, or magic weapon with the lifesteal)

evocation, critical mass, cold blooded

its a great rotation
teleport into the middle of the pack, frost nova, meteor, slow time, meteor both meteors will hit with frost nova buff, passive buff, and slow time buff. 1 or 2 well positioned spectral blades and all cd's will be reset with max ap and you can repeat.

vs reflect dmg affix just freeze, slow, and spam spectral blade. your health will drop but when it does cast diamond skin and spam spectral blade and you'll be at full health in no time.

works amazing in parties giving all party members 55% increased dmg pretty much 100% of the time.
small question if the Weapon has + X to Y fire dmg, will other +Z% to fire dmg increase that base bonus on the weapon?
@Dastaria - the molten impact build guide is on the first post~ ^^

@John - atm, i'm running at mp6, yup my resist are low so i have to be aware when i play, and the most important factor is the lifesteal on my weapon, i can usually facetank them and spam meteor, the amount of hp stolen is incredibly high because of the high damage output. only packs i can't handle are ones with reflect damage lol.

@KaosSoul - yes i think. i'm pretty sure it does add if they are the same elements or black. i might be wrong though
Very good info
JW how much AR is needed to play comfortabley and do you have any advice on what I should upgrade?
So this is currently my build. I'm playing around with different meteor runes. My favorite is Meteor Shower.

I'm trying to come up with some upgrades to push myself further. I know I need more AR and more crit.

I'm thinking of selling my lacuni's and I have a few other things, I'm hoping to have about 20-30m after that.

What direction you think I should go Emp?
great build helped me out alot

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