The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

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@RollTideRoll - actually AR is important yes, but CC is even more important, because CC also helps you to proc CM fast so your survival skills will be easily available, you should upgrade your ring and get a weapon with LS ^^

@monty797 - your gear is awesome as it is! but i'd say you can further upgrade that set with a tal ammy with CC !

@lordmav & vdmoz - thank you !
I love to play spectral blades/meteor/timebubble. Unfortunately no build comes anywhere close to WW when it comes right down to it.

I finally settled into a build which I can very confortable farm with and which feels great, I am blitzing through mp1+2, I made quite some changes to your initial build as I am missing the apoc needed for it.

However the general usage + idea to make a meteor build started with this thread,

So thank you for that.
Hello there. I loved meteor even in 1.04, and i planned on using it in 1.05 till the buff ---> super nerf. I see your MP10 video does not include any reflect mobs. Meteor is great for wiping out nearly anything else, but in 2-3 casts, it breaks my diamond skin and kills me. No matter what. I have a meteor SOJ (dont use) and meteor reduce source, and keeping up the casts of meteor was not a problem. However, on mp7+, I would know I found a reflect mob when 2-3 meteors broke my diamond skin and killed me. Forget about reflect/electrified, that is why I went back to CM/WW. Does the same thing not happen to you?
@Morgul - yes sadly, wizard's are too vulnerable right now, anything build without a frost nova and critical mass are not viable for higher mp levels farming

@tankvieh - your welcome!

@Loxosceles - yes it does =\ i have to really slow down my meteor castings just to deal with reflects, and if they're on a hulking phase beast or tremor, i probably can't kill them.
Sad face :( I love the meteor skill... it is so much more satisfying to use than twisters. Something about the big chunks of monster HP that get cut down in every fiery blast. Too bad reflect has to ruin this great build. I tried everything... using safe passage rune on teleport and keeping its buff up during fights, using crystal shell, but all to no avail. Maybe they will tweak the wizard or reflect in a future patch and wizards can use something besides cm/ww in high mps.
Spamming meteors is still the most fun imo. Bombs away!
Quick question # 82345435045

I'm torn between Triumvirate and Tally's Glare. With trium I get a whopping 6% to fire and arcane damage, great for molten or starpact. With tally's glare I get more apoc, reduced meteor cost, and a little more damage.

What say you Emperor?

Also, I can't find a good life steal weapon for a decent price so I decided to use a hybrid of your original build and the advanced build. Essentially it's the molten build but instead of arcanot I put blood magic back in. I really don't see the use of arcanot at all. Do you think this will ruin the integrity of the build?

Thanks a bunch for all your help!
Until next time.
The build I'm running now is ben awesome. RD doesn't bother me in the slightest, I'm running MP4-5 and it's just not an issue. I'm really liking the meteor shower rune the most, it just allows for a wide area of destruction and shooting out LL really fills up the AP like nothing else, never mind being able to spam DS and FN if needed.

I'm running about a 2.0 AS and it's pretty much a breeze to walk through anything. It may be slightly slower than WW/CM build but it's much more fun and honestly I think its a bit more flexible.
Hey Emperor,

Just wondering if you have had a chance to test out the Comet-Cold Blooded thing yet? Im still working on getting my gear up. Thanks again.
I tried this build. it's pretty fun. but I still have to go back to ww/cm build. ww/cm still far more easier to control and benefit the group. my friends were not strong. they can't tank uber very well like in the video so I have to freeze and tank the uber.
@Loxosceles - i really hope they do scale down reflect, it really restrains the amount of build choices (well, there's not many to begin with). :[

@Bathory - hmmm, triumvirate will indeed give the highest dps output of your meteors, and it has a chance to roll apoc. but imo, the dps increase over the amount of meteors you can cast isn't worth it. your effective dps will go down rather because of too much downtime. Oculus however is pretty great though, that bonus 4 sec reduction to tele seems fun to have lol.

yup thats okay if you don't have LS weapon. the only reason i use arcanot is because i want to reduce the downtime of waiting for ap as much as possible and increase the amount of meteors i can throw out. right now i can throw about 9 molten impacts without any monsters around starting from full ap.

@monty797 - yup, meteor shower is great for a very big aoe splash, but when it comes down to pure dps, molten impact is really powerful. despite my dps showing 110k, im actually doing about 500k - 1.2m per cast, but i guess with too much dps, reflect dmg becomes a problem. :\

@NaRCKiLLeR99 - yup i have actually tried it. the snare doesn't stack with slow time :\ and dps isn't as high as molten impact though :\. i guess its great because you can replace slowtime then with other spells like magic weapon or frost nova.
For one thing, thanks for posting about the build. I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Secondly, I wanted to throw out a trick I enjoy as well. I'm using Teleport with Reversal. popping right on top of the mobs with Teleport, hitting Slow Time, meteor, and Teleport again and going back to the other side of the screen. Safely away from the slowed, extra damaged mobs to meteor them a few times. Let's me pick and choose the combat area a little better. Still gets me away when I need to run, although I could be in serious trouble if I double clicked it by accident. :(

And every skill I use now has now both defensive + Offensive capabilities. (Subbed in Healing blades to give me an out vs Reflect Damage, needing a quick heal and to gain time to recharge AP if needed. Also, if there are 3-4 white mobs... faster to just hit 'em with a Blades or two than Meteor them.)

Still playing back and forth with Sever vs regular weapon and Triumv vs Tals... I doubt I will ever make up my mind which is better.
Been playing cm/ww on mp8-10 and I literally will lose my hands if I continue this, so I decided to try archon and this meteor spec for a more comfortable playstyle. I don't have the dps for archon so it's a waste of time but this spec works very nicely with my 19 apoc and 2.5 per sec attack speed. It resets CDs faster than expected and kites perfectly well. I especially love using just one single attack spell so I basically just hold my left click and kite around; this is sooo relaxing compared to the arthritis nightmare of button spamming that is ww. At times I find this to be more flexible than ww because you don't have to position on top of things. Thanks for the ideas! I'll probably end up switching some attack speed for more crit dmg does anyone think this spec requires a high attack speed?
next nerf will be the meteor impact will increase from 1.2 to 2 sec after casting :))
this build rocks btw i just tried it
you did some big mistakes:
1. you're not useing hydra
2. you don't have to kite enough
3. you do too much dmg, the gap to babas is too small
4. you can play too high mp levels, sorc should not be able to do >mp5

can you hear the nerfhammer swinging?

but back to topic:

rd is annoying, despite 4% ll (with buff), they get me. anyone knows how it's calculated? does it come as the type of dmg you do (fire in this case)? is it a fix % of the dmg you do to them? does it count as ranged or as melee attack? will more armor and ar reduce it? maybe we find a way to counter it.
This build rocks! having a blast and enjoying the build on MP4/5. BTW, My enchantress' Maximus proc Demon works wonders... hex+demon+knockback+Slowtime FTW. Thanks Dude!!! just need to upgrade my EHP to be good on higher MP though... :)
Sorry people, but I still think Wave of Force with Impactful Wave is far better than any build involving Meteor.
10/31/2012 01:07 AMPosted by Trismigistus
Sorry people, but I still think Wave of Force with Impactful Wave is far better than any build involving Meteor.

You try do the Wave of Force during the uber boss fight where it has been freezing by another wiz....

I think the CM/WW wiz will rage quit.

10/31/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Veda
Sorry people, but I still think Wave of Force with Impactful Wave is far better than any build involving Meteor.

You try do the Wave of Force during the uber boss fight where it has been freezing by another wiz....

I think the CM/WW wiz will rage quit.


Thanks for guaranteeing the Meteor Nerf by not pushing the official joke.

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