The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

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@aw3s0m0 - i have never calculated that before ...

@Orion - thank you :)
i cant search the item with reduce cost of Meteor except the offhand :( anybody know how to do it :(
Sadly you really can't and you have to manually look. Though for SoJs you can narrow it down a hair to look for legendary items (not selecting rings rings) with max arcane power and damage to elites. :)
thanks dude :D btw , awesome skull @_@ i search the whole ah and cant find the ring like yours @_@
Thanks! When I was actually thinking about selling my skull grasp at the AH (before I decided not to), there were only two like it. Mine had Strength and the other had Intelligence. And from what Emperor told me last night, that other Skull Grasp went for a VERY pretty penny.

Though skull grasps with crit chance and -4 meteor reduction, still do show up from time-to-time. :) Good luck in your search!
Great meteor build. The CM/WW one I was using kinda sucked.
The Meteor build is more efficient and effective. I have average gear and
have enjoyed this build for the past 2 days - really made a difference. Thanks.

Raining Meteor Build :)

Hey Man, I used to use a similar build to the one you have you have in your profile right now before I started messing around with adding WW as my AP generator.

Here's a variation on your build that I liked.
1) Drop Fracture for Wormhole. You'll move faster and you'll be surprised by how little you need those decoys when you can just jump around the screen to avoid damage.
2) Drop Magic Weapon and add Living Lightning and then drop Evocation for Prodigy. This will generate a good amount of AP for you so you can cast more meteors. The LL's take up a casting cycle but at the same time they last a while so you can just fire off two and then go back to meteor while they "collect" AP for you.

Of course, you can run whatever you like. Just some suggestions. :)!cgX!ZZZZcZ
Loving this build.
One hint on the Meteor Stone of Jordan:

A +29 elite, +6 elemental damage ring with -5 reduction is BETTER than a +30 elite, +5 elemental one...but will be much MUCH cheaper.
how is everyone dealing with RD in RM build
@aceD - I have a wand with 3 % LS in my bag so I switch and rebuff BloodMagic. But even then I have to pace myself, can't just spam the meteors. I only throw meteors when DS is up. Funny enough, illusionists are the easiest, as the illusions aren't RD but heal me a ton.

@Emperor - I see you have split up Tals set for Witching Hour and Oculus. How do you manage without the set bonus? I'm thinking about the same setup, as I found a very nice Witching Hour. Just need a better wand, atm I have to run BloodMagic, otherwise I have no LS.
@Caris - its better, and i think my CC along with 4 ap regen (arcanot & astral presence) and ap reduction items (soj skullgrasp and oculus) is high enough to sustain meteor consistency. also, meteors hit way harder now (i saw 1.3m+) because of the extra CD from witching hour, and oculus could roll 6% bonus to elite :D !
So basically the only answer to dealing with RD is to kill them very slowly and kited...DAM.
I personally switch to a 3.0LS wand with 1/2 the dps when I notice an RD pack...but sometimes when I'm facerolling through a level, I inadvertantly drop a few meteors at an elite pack just as I realize it is an RD pack and it's game over for me.

On another note...having problems getting over the 100Kdps hump, while still trying to upgrade armor...any suggestions on what immediate gear I should look on replacing?

Finally, any of you guys have barbs and monks getting pissed off at you becuase you kill the white mobs before they could get there to kill and generate fury/spirit? =)

i went a much simpler route with the "raining meteors" build. basically the OG classic cm/ww wiz with meteor shower:

try new gems (100% CD, 50 intell in neck piece), depth diggers with 175+ intell (this will also give you some decent resist, and possibly vitality. I got mine for 6m =D, and a witching hour with intell and vitality.

This should definitely get you over the 100k hump. Im actually looking at your other gear to figure out what could put me past it...
@AceD Thanks for your comments. After lokoing at your gear, there just seems to be 2 items I can see that will boost your dps. If you can get a wand with OS, but retain LS, APoC, and bonusAP, that will make an immediate 10K upgrade. Also get an offhand with better avg dmg and that can net 3-5k improvement too. otherwise your other gear looks pretty nice.
Right finally got me a wand with LS so I switched to Arcanot and replaced Tals belt witch a Witching Hour. Working nicely so far. RD packs are a pain, but I guess they always be.

So now I'm broke and I'm saving up for the next upgrade. I'm looking at a Vile Ward or a 6% StormCrow, first one giving me slightly more mitigation and dps, while the helm would give me dps only. There is also the possibility to find a perfect Oculus offhand, but I don't think that is the most needed upgrade right now.

So what do you think? Helm or shoulders?

My profile:
Nice Wand, may i ask how much did you Pay for that?
Sure! I won the bid at 30.7mill. I was lucky as I only had 40. Not going to replace that anytime soon, unless I have awesome luck and find one better.
@kennelmaster - a witching hour would do the trick of hitting you close to 100k dps

@aceD - a storm crow... definitely a storm crow, not because of apoc or crit chance, but because of the elemental damage on it. i'm sure you will get about 6k+ dps with a stormcrow having the same cc as your current helm !

@Caris - i'm sure an oculus with high average damage (290+) and 6% bonus to elite would boost your damage the most :D but of course you have to find for meteor reduction ones !

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