Urgent: Tempest Rush Monks Unite & Support!!

Original Post in the BUG section:
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794030501 10/05/2012
*No one from Blizz dares to answer, we NEED an answer on this now!!

*NEW UPDATE: 10/23/2012 Tuesday, BLIZZARD decided to "LOCKED" my bug post (above link) without replying back. Just STRAIGHT UP locked it down....this is SO PROFESSIONAL...

10/26/2012 NEW TEMP FIX: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6933876200
A new build that allows me to keep TR for speed, lose a bit of dps, but turning myself into cm wiz. Enjoy!!

Tempest Rush = 50% fail due to the in-game hit box design. When hit is registered no matter how far away you are, you will get RUBBER-BAND right back to the original spot where the hit first initiated.

- Surrounded by mobs / elites
- In monsters' hit box range
- elites cast ability
- elites initial hit
- player sees ability, cast TEMPEST RUSH to get out of harms way
- player halfway across the screen, hit box registered as a hit
- player gets TELEPORT back next to the elite
- player receives the damage, plus all the other harmful stuff = DEATH 99% of the time


*Update: 10/15/2012
PTR: mp5 - 7, rubberband issue was 5x worst then 1.04 now, as well as the 1st 3 days when PTR came live and I was testing it out. I angry QUIT PTR due to rubberband over & over again to the point where TEMPEST RUSH was nothing but a problem.

Has this is being mention or has been tested properly???


1st day of 1.05 patch (yahhhhhh)

Rubberband here & there, trying to deal with it...but when you have green ping (47 latency) and get caught between FIRE CHAIN & just watch yourself rush out, back in, taking damage, back out, rubberband back in over and over again with the same elite..until you DIED is not FREAKING FUN....


Reflect Damage Affix can also trigger RUBBERBAND issue, and also they locked the bug post down without saying anything, so PROFESSIONAL, great job BLIZZARD for once again IGNORING us monks. Keep up the AWESOME work!!


This shouldn't be happening, we shouldn't have to deal with such a BIG FLAW in the game with the BEST mobility move. FIX IT OR TAKE IT OUT......DO SOMETHING FOR US FOR A CHANGE, NOT ASKING FOR A BUFF, ASKING FOR A FIX.....

Disclaimer: this is not a petition thread. I support this idea.

Constructive thought: rubber banding is bad, m'kay?
I use this build and the rubberbanding is very annoying I have now done my first uber battle and can complete it due to this issue The screen gets so busy and you try to use and it ether delays the affect or makes you think you got away and pulls you right back in...What a waist of three keys...
This bug pisses me off as well.

BUMP!!!! Blizz, please resolve this bug issue.
Bump. TR is my lifeline and this happens too much. Would love a response from blue.
BUMP...blues, we're still waiting....
This absolutely needs to be fixed or addressed somehow.
To be fair to Blizzard, I'm pretty sure they know about this already. Blues have mentioned Tempest Rush as a skill that has problems of rubberbanding and that they are actively working on trying to rubberbanding.

Perhaps the code was written poorly for TR and is hard to fix. I know that's not useful for us at all, but it is what it is, and complaining more about it will not get it fixed any faster.

Also, I've literally never seen a Blue respond on the Monk forum and I have checked the forum daily since May or so... I wouldn't hold my breath here. You are a lot more likely to get a response on General Discussion or Bug Reports
I agree, I really like having Tempest Rush to get me out of jams, but if i just get pulled back onto a fire pool or poison pool then it doesnt do me much good....makes it really tough for some bosses (belial, butcher for example) if you run from the ground AOE only to get pulled onto it.

hell, i'd rather have it not rubber band and give it a 5 sec cool down after you let go of mouse or something like that so it doesnt get abused
I know the feeling.
Agreed! I would say 25% fail for me. Ourumov got me back using rush and it's <333 even with the derp.
If it's a coding issue, I hope it's as easy to fix as switching this:

IF [mob hits and player is no longer adjacent] THEN [move player adjacent]

to this:

IF [mob hits and player is no longer adjacent] THEN [mob missed]

In the meantime, I need to be a bit more judicious when I use TR. I died once today in Act 2 when I realized I had to cut bait early or play for the elite kill and risk a TR rubber-band death. I risked it and died, predictably. And when I say "predictably," I mean that I saw it coming when I was playing! I didn't NEED to run through the mob, so I could have walked away with less risk. Still sucks that I have to do this, though.
yeah i sure hope they fix this it needs to be addressed.
I would love to stop rubber banding!


though TR is a gd escape skill in high MP lvl,
but the rubber banding......
The thing I don't understand is that this is reproducible using Tempest Rush... over and over again. This is even worse when fighting elites that spew out all the lightning that hit's us as we run away and cause a lot of rubber-banding.

Heres to hoping Blizzard takes a look at this!

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