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i have a geforce gtx 660 ti It is a great card works well but all of a sudden gettin drops.. i heard it work wonders on all games except for d3 or is it this patch?
anyone else having this problem?
n o one?
lots of people are its just that this game for some reason has been doing that to people lately even with killer rigs and machines.
I get big FPS drops, and I also get graphical bugs... like green colors. Sometimes it pops up green squares everywhere and the computer freezes, I have to restart it.

I have a new computer, bought it a month ago...
GTX 660Ti Asus
8gb ram
Intel i5-3570K 3.4GHz
Windows 7 64bit
It´s common, it´s been around since the first beta and there will never be a fix unless you are lucky to buy the exact right computer hardware.
hi i have a gtx 660 ti with intel core i7-3770 cpu@3.50, 16 gig of ram, resolution 1920x1080 60 hz
and the newest driver i have moded my ini file and ajusted the video options in game menu. in the last week my game play fps went from 300 plus down to 140 plus, any thing i can do to improve im getting some lag any help would be great thanks. also all the mods and things i did were 3 months ago and things have been great untill lately.
no current info or tweaks on this thread its a year old must be some new info ?
09/29/2013 02:37 PMPosted by gotcrypt
no current info or tweaks on this thread its a year old must be some new info ?

since this thread is so old i doubt you will get many replies. your best bet to resolve your issue is to create your own thread.

make sure when you make your thread to include your DXDiag info.

also, check this thread for helpful information on optimizing.

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