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Same problem. Rock solid connection since launch, suddenly unplayable due to frequent huge lag spikes as of yesterday. I tried cycling my network, twice, to no avail. Tracert to gives me a maximum hop of 50ms before getting to Blizzard servers, so this does not appear to be a problem with my internet connection, but rather with Blizzard's servers.

I assume it will take at least a week to get a non-responsive response from technical support. Has anyone who's experienced this issue found a solution?
I was far too pessimistic. It only took minutes for the crack team at Blizzard technical support to run my dxdiag.txt file through some parser and send me a canned response telling me to try updating my video card drivers! Because that's usually what causes network latency!

Thanks, Blizzard!
_ Same problem here ! Till lastest maintaince, i ve got latency issue so terrible that i cant even play normally. Im not living in US, but my ping test to western coast is 200ms ( ) I have no problem with other games but diablo 3. I don think my Pc have any problem : Core I5 3570k OC 4,2, 32 G Ram3, HD 7950 with lastest Driver, SSD, fiber internet connection with 12 Mbps speed etc... Blizz, Plz fix this sh it ASAP so at least i can play 2 hours a day !

lag spikes randomly jump from 80-120ms to 300-1500ms. been having the issue for 2 days. would like to see if something is being done about it.
im having constant lag also, reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally frustrating always 300-800ms
Still having this problem as well (almost two weeks now). Submitted a ticket with my pathping, msinfo, and dxdiag files, so let's see how that goes. But I'm seriously not considering buying future Blizzard products because of this. Having single player is really a nice option.
Same here, unplayable.
lol i submitted a ticket..useless i was told to post the issue in a forum..the lag has been this way since day one..will they fix it..i doubt it. I can only play certain areas in certain acts..either then that this game is now a POS!!
Yep same.. my pings like a yoyo wtf is going on..
Yeah same here, game is unplayable now.

Its like a slide show when the action starts up, and I rubber band like crazy.

Please help us Blizzard, all we want to do is play the game we payed for.
how come i've just updated the patch,i dont know what happened,i just log in then it keeps lagging on this patch a bug?keeps delaying.sometimes it takes a minutes to log in my accout..WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it seems from a quick test my issues with this constant lag/FPS stuttering how ever it is described properly has dissapeared.
cant play at all man..
i tried everything thinking it was in my end thats wrong.. i did leatrix latency fix, portforwarding my router and firewall, closing all p2p programs, setting bandwidth limit to zero, and QOS..
i dunno what really is happening to you blizz but it gives me a hunch that you have server issues! fix your servers man! where did all the money we paid you go??

note: i can play in the morning fine FOR 2 HOURS but after that lag all day 1500ms-2500ms.. so its not me, its your servers..
A friend of mine has the same problem. New computer and post 1.05 he can't play. Bad lag and game crashes more. It has to be a hardware issue because my current computer is almost identical to his old computer and I can play the game almost max settings fine.

This isn't a server issue. We'll be in the same game and I'm fine and he's lagged out and crashing. It's some kind of compatibility issue with diablo.
Since couple day now i'm having huge spike lag and a constant lag overall.

I use to play with 100ms in d3 (still too laguy from my point of view) but now since 2 day im having 250 ms.

sometime it goes up to 2000+.

I cannot play the game anymore, im diying too much, please, please fix ur server =/

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