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Game does not even work at all for me after updating to patch 1.0.6
Click play and it just sits there doing nothing. Running Windows 8 on a brand spanking new PC purchased less than a month ago and it's a desktop PC. It's specs are more than enough to run this game completely maxed out yet it won't even boot up at all. Game runs perfectly on my other PC running Windows 7.

LOL at Blizzard... 8 pages of upset paying customers and they don't even bother to acknowledge that there is a problem. Plus the fact that you can't play games offline are the 2 reasons why I won't be buying any more Blizzard products in the future. I bought Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 but I'm done with Blizzard now.... They made Diablo 3 way too much like WOW and kiddified it.
Diablo 2 was and still is a much better game.
Been having this issue too. Had no problems with the game until recently, wasnt really keeping track when it started to lag. Thought it was something on my end, but after checking things and not having installed new programs or anything thought id check here to see if it really was on my end. Looks like it isnt. The game isnt even playable like this...
Yeah i don't know what is going on with D3, for me it was working correctly then with the patch 1.06 im getting huge lag, my ping vary between 280 to 400 with some spike lag time to time.

I usually play with 100ms in d3, i had to stop playing D3 because it's just ... impossible has DH
Well, and here I thought it may just be me. I have not been able to play due to lag spikes since 1.06 came out.
I just had a crazy idea, not sure its possible to be related to the problem. I've been messing with my graphic settings and all that junk trying to figure out why suddenly i was getting this lag issue.

Anyways it never occurred to me but i recently set up my account with the authenticator. I know you only have to put the code in when you login or once a week, but does it run random checks against your account, to make sure youve and an authenticated login within the week?

I was thinking of removing the authenticator from my account for a few days to see if it is that but if the idea is ridiculous i wont both.
I get small lag spikes every once in awhile, but they always come in crucial moments.
Fighting an elite, a boss, about to die. It seems any time these things happen I hit a lag spike.
They are short lived though, usually going away in a matter of seconds.

Died a few times from it though.
SAME DAY 3 Here we go ..... WTB FIX
Just take my money and run Blizzard.... I haven't had any problems with the actual gameplay of D3 until this last patch. I was annoyed with the auction house being down and login problems in the past, but now its all unplayable freeze and lag.

High end PC here, minimized graphics settings, sound settings, vsynch on & off tests, premium validated ISP, running on solid state drive, multiple tickets to Blizzard with diags & pathping = deleted & no response, changing settings neither makes lag better or worse. FPS is always good; latency now 98 to 1600 ms; other games including WOW run at max graphics & max fps. Highest spikes typically when elite packs appear = 3-5 seconds of freeze; afraid to even try multi-player & HC would be suicide.

Unlike in WOW, no acknowledgement of a problem. It's most likely memory leaks and/or reduced server capacity. I don't anticipate any effort to fix this unless it can somehow be related to AH/RMAH. Just unbelievable at this point!
In the US here and getting odd lag spikes and rubber banding. Wasn't like this until a few hours ago.
I havent had this issue the last few days. Now I dont know if it had something to do with the recent maintenance update, cause i can also report spammers again. Maybe there is a connection between getting those spam/harassment report error and the lag. The other thing was i opened my ports. I assumed D3 used the same ports as WOW but that wasnt the case. Either way i rarely seen any lag lately and nothing that dropped into the red.
Same problem here. Internet connection in general is fine. No issues with any other web based game/application. Diablo III runs around 103 ms then out of nowhere, like others have said, spikes to over 1500 ms from anywhere between 15 seconds to 1 minute. Like others have stated it usually happens when engaging elites. So insanely frustrating. How in the hell is there not a blue reply to this post by now? 8 pages on this thread...
Second to the last post is still 2012. Last post is 19hours ago.. lol. Looks like censorship(post deletion) is being used to 'damage control' the %$#@* lag problem. Get real blizzard!!
yeah, just ignore it; fcking blizz, it's GOTTEN WORSE!!! Can you GET A CLUE AND FIX IT!!!

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