Covetous Shen conversation 'Victory' Missing!

Bug Report
As it explains in the title, the conversation of Covetous Shen which is required for 3 achievements is missing from the conversations you can have with Covetous Shen. I've tried talking to him before and after every quest but it doesn't pop up. I've only tried in Normal Mode Hardcore..
I'm not sure if you're talking about the conversations that you can have if you talk to him while in town, or the things he says while he is in the barrel.

If the latter, I got the achievement about a week ago. Everything he says comes at random, so no specific order. I saw him say the same things a few times in a row sometimes. I had to wait around for about 2-4 minutes for him to say everything he can. Since it's random, it can theoretically take hours for him to say everything, albeit unlikely.
No. It is a new conversation added. Not the barrel thing..that is a separate achievement on its own. I checked right before I killed diablo and right after I killed him and 'victory' still never showed up...what's up with that?
I got this same problem. When is conversation supposed to be available? It's the only one I'm missing for achievment.
I just tried doing this myself and was unable to find it. I thought I had the kill Diablo and port back to town to talk to him but it's not there.

I'm not surprised that Blizzard forgot to add it into the game, they're know for leaving almost everything unfinished or untested and still letting it go live.
Bump for justice!

Victory is the only conversation I am missing out of any dialogue in the game... sucks how I am missing out on three achievements because one dialogue is missing.
Same thing for me.
Very annoying.
What amount of testing was done on this before it went to production?
Must be 0. If I allowed this kind of quality in my project's deliveries I would be out of a job in a day.
same with pretty much everyone.
it just isn't there.
should use a fan site like d3 database to help u find the spacific times to talk to him since some of them are tricky but i have all the shen achievements so its possible
I have credit for it, not exactly sure how I got it. I have beating Inferno Diablo just after 1.0.5 hit so maybe it's only available if you kill Diablo at a certain difficulty (Hell would be my guess).
Did your achievement for Shen pop BEFORE or After the 1.0.5 patch?
just killed diablo in hell mode and ported back. no luck. maybe inferno?
I've seen reports that Blizzard is aware of this and working on it, but right now it is impossible to get.

The "Victory" dialouge was once available, which is why some people can have it, but it was removed from the game in an early patch, and it is no longer possible to get it. I hasn't been until 1.05 that a bug has caused it to reappear in the list of dialouges necessary to earn the achievement.
still missing and achivment is in the list so?!?!?!?
10/24/2012 02:12 PMPosted by Vasadan
The "Victory" conversation was removed from the requirement for this achievement awhile back, not sure how it got re-added.

10/25/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Vasadan
we're going to fix it.
10/25/2012...we're going to fix it? When?? 2 months later, still no fix....when are they going to fix it? 2 years from now?

Thanks guys. The bug will be fixed when the bug is fixed.

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