Introducing Blood Brothers (Android/I'OS)

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I would like to introduce to you a very fun RPG game for your android/iphone or Ipad.

The name of the game is Blood Brothers and is from the developer DeNa.
Search Blood Brothers in your app store.

Don't forget to add the code: 7NRhCu after you finish tutorial. You will get an price and get a head start.

The game has given me a lot of fun, very addictive game. I was really surprised how fun it was.
Please Check it out.

Choose from 8 different Warlords(Your main char)

I would recommend choosing:

Golden Lance - Deal heavy AGI-based damage to all foes - Good for PvP and on large groups.
Black Brute - Deal massive damage to one foe - Good for PvE events, Boss battles, single targets.

White Knight - Attack in tandem with adjacent familiars
Purple Knife - Lightning damage to three foes
Blue Beard - Attack all foes for ATK damage
Gray Mage - Deal heavy damage to one foe.
Red Samurai - Attack three foes
Green Healer - Restore a fixed amount of HP to all party members

Collect Common, Un-Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Familiars.

Battle Epic Bosses, capture them into your collection and into your ranks.

Events weekly, PvP-Events, Boss Events, Tower Events and much more!

New feature just arrived! Bazaar!! Trade your familiars!

Get into the world of BloodBrothers and get ready for the next event.

Don't forget to add the code: 7NRhCu
To get a price, so you get a head start.


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