"Great" rewards from the infernal Machine.

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"While the rewards for defeating these extra-bad bosses will be great, some assembly is required".


What great rewards were you speaking about I'm misunderstanding the word "great" that must be it?
ADD CHARMS AND RUNES TO THE GAME ASAP and make gems do more things in different items instead of the current 3 things. You can't be that low on imagination right?
Please make whoever is comming up with these "great" ideas resign from his or her post.
The hellfire ring? Please, it's not even near worth the trouble.


Atleast make them drop only ilvl 63 items or make the hellfire ring with decided stats for the class that makes it since it's a non-tradeable anyway or even better make it tradeable but maybe that's too difficult for you, since it's unique equipped anyway so it doesn't matter if the stats are "uber".
It can't be that hard right?
Rather remove the "great" hellfire ring from the game and put higher droprates on these bosses.

Don't post bull**** on your homepage please.

Sorry for my english it's not my native language.

Thank you.

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