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So as we were talking about it yesterday, what are everyones thoughts on a FB group set up for us ANZ ppl?
I havent put too much thought into it as yet as i had puppy school last night :p

Some things we need to consider:
Should the group be private? (i think everyone says yes to this)
How do ppl get invited?
Is the group for players that ppl have played with before?

Im more than happy to do the inviting, set the group up and so on. I knw most of u havent run with me or even have me on ur friend list. I just think its a good way to help out other players, meet others and be able to say/do !@#$ which isnt allowed here.
i'm a little apprehensive of this. couldn't it let creeps be even creepier?
Should be some sort of mechanism to protect nice ppl. Rules upfront, voting system might help?
but really, we'll be revealing real names and details to each other. i'm ok with that, but i can foresee possible issues as a result.
sorry but fb group would be a bit creepy, i think maybe a vent group would be better?
i don't use vent...

surely there's a forum somewhere....
oh sorry mojo, forgot you probably dont have that tech in perth yet. and a mic would cost money which people in perth dont have.... maybe you could put one on layby for 5-6 years?

i think if you found the average monthly income for Perth, you'd be surprised. people are flowing here in droves from other states, as our economy is much better than most of the rest of the country.

now excuse me while i fill up the water reservoir in my steam engine. i don't want to run out of power later today...
I dont use vent coz i am not interested in listening to another dude's voice whispering in my ear.......

A FB group........ well i havent used my FB much since D3 released lol.
yeah because some people still want flanno's to be the main fashion i guess. i assume you'll be heading to the local blacksmith to get your horses shoes tended to? cant have your cart breaking down
I dont use or knw wat vent is :p

Creeps are the main issue i see as well. I dnt have a prob with ppl knowing my real name. Most details on my fb are private anyway. I havent even changed my home town from syd to melb yet :p

Rules up front are a good idea.

Ruslanac: wat kind of voting system and for what?
vents a mic chat server, makes playing with others so much easier
How about a Yahoo! Group? http://au.groups.yahoo.com/
Yea i dnt like the idea of ppl talking to me whilst playing. Chatting in the lil chat thing is cool, but i listen to music when i play so dnt wanna hear talking. Just my preference
10/24/2012 05:46 PMPosted by veteran
How about a Yahoo! Group? http://au.groups.yahoo.com/

Not sure wat a yahoo group is so ill have to suss that out before commenting on it
...voting system and for what?

Say you don't happy with me and would like me to be excluded from the group, how to do it? We can state in the rules that if certain number or % of group members not happy with someone, the person will be excluded. But if someone disagrees and has something to say to cover me (my last chance to stay in group), group members can vote.

I don't like politics and all similar stuff, and may be voting is overkill for what we going to do. But sometimes should be something between simple "black and white".

Difficult to judge, D3 game just started, we will see people come and go. If we want the group last long and be successful, probably it is a good time to plan ahead and be proactive.
i wish there was a guild system like Guild Wars was. and like a main guild place where we could all stand around and see each other
i'm not a vent person either, as i'm playing on a laptop on the kitchen table while my missus watches telly. i use headphones and only keep one ear in. it's hard to play if she's watching something good, as i'm watching too out of the corner of my eye.
Now that you mention it, someone creepy can be ever more of a creep on FB.

Well how about a private forum if they are free to get hold of? I remember a mate starting up a private forum for gamers a while back, dunno if it cost him anything apart from the time he spent on it. It was like one of those basic generic forums you saw in many places but that was 6 - 7 years ago.
why not just this forum?

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