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Order ID: 1050027421

Purchased an item via buyout for 150,000,000 item not appearing in list of completed auctions to be sent to stash.
Order ID:1050135196

I also have purchased an item via buyout for 18,888,888 and the item is not appearing in the list of completed auctions to be sent to stash.

hope it appears there later or at least a refund of my gold.
Order ID: 1050192542

Purchased and item for 78m buyout, my balance is minus those 78m and no item to send to the stash.

Either make the item available to send it to stash or refund the gold. If that happens me in the RMAH I'll be furious!
Order ID: 1050120366

Just bought IK chest for 92m+ , the item not appearing but my gold is minus :(

Hope they fix this
Same here. Calling credit card company tomorrow and reporting the D3 software as a fraudulant charge, it clearly dosnt work right and i would like my money back. Best thing about credit card companies is that when you report fraud they automatically refund your account and will contact blizzard. I suggest everyone else do this as well.
Happened to me twice in a row. The first item I purchased (Order #1049901447) never showed up in my stash, and in the report it says it was bought for zero gold. Now Order #1050247764 never transferred to my stash either.
Order ID: 1050103872

send it to stash but it didnt appear in my stash. item gone.
Didn't got my item either

Order ID: 1050228030
same.. bought a ring 1m but it's not shown in the transaction log nor in the completed list tab.
where do u guys find the order ID number??
Order # 1050222549

I might as well add this to the list.
Same here Order # 1050377730

Gold gone, but item still not appearing :(

Edit: mine just got delivered... but now getting error 3006... gold balance not appearing.. argh!
I have the same issue. Purchased an item for quite a bit
Order ID:1050461230
Same problem here :(

Order #1050466805

Wish it can be solved asap
I purchased some inna's temperance over 24hrs ago, and I still haven't received them. They appear on the transaction log but they never appeared on my available tab.
i just bough 2 sources, i send them the to stash but they just disappeared. Not one but two
Any blue responds to this?
This happened to me earlier as well. At least it was a minor purchase or I would be real pissed. Bought the item, sent it to stash, aaaaaaaand it's gone.

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