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When is the estimated release date?

Hopefully the FPS drop defect will be fixed asap, in patch 1.06 with more game improvements.
i got patch 1.06 updated but it keeps saying there is new patch avaible for automatic update and reboot the game.

tried to reinstall d3, still same issue!! if the new patch is not completed. blizzard should not post it and waste our time.
^ same here
me aswell
well there is no PTR at the moment for it, and the last PTR lasted a little over a month. So I can't imagine anytime soon :(
me too
That's because we've only gotten part of the patch. Its not fully patched yet. They're still working on it. It will let you download what has currently nee updated. But it's not going to let you play until the full patch is complete. I hope this has helped you guys a little haha.
Login screen on euro servers says it will be deployed tomorrow, which i found really weird since we haven't heard any details surrounding it.
does it same goes to asia? as my friend can log in to asia when he already update his patch.
Yea. It's already tomorrow in Asia.
Has been release just right now 1.0.6
just tried d3, it downloaded some of 1.06 stuff. we're 1.06 now?
If Patch 1.0.6 is being released, how come we have no patch notes? Doesn't make sense and also, the message says Scheduled Maintenance and doesn't mention a new patch being deployed.

If you guys have links to the notes, please post them.
downloaded some patch,then got in.
then said that new patch..than reboot game..than the launcher didnt update.
so server on in the status page,but still bugged?
Gives patch notes on launcher, trade window fix and some other thing
1.06 is out. but i load d3. it showed the update bar and ect said it finished 100% updated ready to play go to log in. connects and authenticates my credentials then says theres a new patch and restarts d3. anyone else got this error ?
I get same error message as players above
so far the 1.06 patch note indicates 2 bug fixes. i guess there will be more later.

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