Tempest Rush - Major Rubberband Issue

Bug Report
Tempest Rush = 50% fail due to the in-game hit box design. When hit is registered no where how far away you are, you will get RUBBER-BAND right back to the original spot where the hit first initiated.

- Surrounded by mobs / elites
- In monsters' hit box range
- elites cast ability
- elites initial hit
- player sees ability, cast TEMPEST RUSH to get out of harms way
- player halfway across the screen, hit box registered as a hit
- player gets TELEPORT back next to the elite
- player receives the damage, plus all the other harmful stuff = DEATH 99% of the time

*REFLECT DAMAGE / PLAGUE / DESCRATER etc etc all can create this rubberband / teleport issue as well. Basically anything that does direct damage to you, while you try & use TR to get out, there's a good 75% chance that you won't get away, taking constant damage.
I love using TR, and can confirm that this drives me crazy... You almost have to work "around" the idea that you will Rubberband... /sigh
Thanks DEATHLOCK, you do not need to keep posting this every 12 hours. The developers are doing what they can to fix it.

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