Anyone Kill Maghda after 1.05?

I had no problems with frame rates on the fight.
I had no problem killing her either. FPS was fine. Killed with my WD and Barb solo.
maghda is the easiest boss/mini boss in the game.
10/23/2012 11:22 AMPosted by Tim
maghda is the easiest boss/mini boss in the game.

Probably. Having said that, it doesn't mean you wont die due to an fps/lockup issue regardless of her ease. Good input though brains.
Just played it. DH 60(14) Inferno. As soon as her minion spawn, the game starts to lag as the fight progress it lags worst. Until you are down to 1-2 frames per seconds. I got her down to 1/5 health but still dies. Not an issue until 1.05.

Not just me. My sister also has a DH(15) Inferno ... same issue.

Internet is Verizon FIOS (35/35) ... not a slow connection.

Computer is Windows 7 with 16 gigs. Quad core Intel i5. NVIDIA GTX 560 4 gigs.

128 SSD. Not a slow system.

Definitely a bug with 1.05.

NOTE: my sister just manage to killed her Maghda (setting the monster level to default). Lag was still very bad. After leaving the battle and moved to the next section. No issue. No more lag.
I've killed her multiple times, both in Inferno and the lesser difficulties, without issue after 1.05.
I don't have the link, but Blizzard has confirmed that there is an issue on their side that is causing the Maghda fight to crash. Everyone needs to be aware of this and stay out.

Edit: Here is the link:
It's a sound bug issue on Blizzards side that causes some errors that crash the frame rate.

Try turning off in-game sound for the fight, my FPS was fine when I did that (inferno)

Same issue on Rakanoth fight
I am having the same issue as well the lag gets worse and worse as her life gets lower I cannot beat her because of it. As it just completely stops and I die.
No issues on my end...a tiny bit laggy to transition from shielded to vulnerable but nothing grotesque.
It depends how beastly your PC is.

if your on a low end PC you are going to have dramas.

high end machines seem to be able to cope with the bug fairly well though.
I was not aware this was a known bug but I had it happen to me the other day when I first fought her on inferno on my HC character. My computer is pretty nice and I run everything max with like 90-100 FPS with no issues. I started this fight and all the sudden things got very bad. I looked at my FPS monitor and it was showing me around 5-8 FPS and dropping. I could barely see the animations and everything started stuttering around the screen. I thought for sure I was done for and was already getting disappointed that I was going to die to something like that. I had to take the adds very slow and just attack once and run since I could not effectively dodge their massive swings. Eventually got her down and immediately went to town and rebooted thinking it was some weird glitch with my system itself.

I have never had issues with her before so I just assumed it was a one time fluke but now I'm a bit hesitant about fighting her again if it is a known bug.

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