Game looses connection Randomly

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Game looses connection Randomly
While playing, I've had random drops in the connection after 1.0.5 . here's what I know.

-I know it's not my internet connection, as I will am still able to use the internet during the drop. As well after a minute or two I am kicked from session and am able to start a new session as well as use the auction house.

-If I by some chance I reconnect, all the events that took place during the drop quickly happen in the span of one to four seconds. This often results in death for my character.

-During the drop I am still able to move freely, but all enemies and allies are frozen in place. As well I am able to perform all my skill without cool down or cost, however no animation is displayed. But I know they still happen do to the above mentioned "fast forward effect"
      -I had cluster arrow equipped and pressed the hot key in an excess of 10 times. after about 30 seconds during the fast forward, Cluster arrow was used multiple times. more so than could have been possible in normal time.
      -Similar to above I had Rain of Vengeance equipped, and had spammed the button in hopes of not dying. During the fast forward the skill was launched multiple times. presumanble once for each time the button was spammed.

-Any animations active at the time of the drop continue after the drop

-During the drop some areas of the map disappear, allowing you to see under the map

-I usually have all 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor when the drop occurs, though I'm fairly confident this may just be case of bad luck.

if there is anything else I can say to help explain the situation please don't hesitate to ask.
I hope you're having a great day and I thank you for your time.
I am having the exact same problem. Disconnected four times on me within the last 30 minutes. If you figure anything out please let me know I will do like wise

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