100k+ DPS Infernal MP10 Team LFM 100k+

did you mean 200k+ DPS?

you cant do MP 10 with 100kers unless you want to spend an hour per mob

Ubers take 5 us mins each and acquiring 5stacks of Valor takes 15 minutes tops making a total 40 minutes or less per run, average. I run ~300k buffed on ubers and Im the weaker geared barbarian in the group. My profile shows my tanking setup now but I usually go dps with a freeze wizzy, which is always during primetime.

Mp8 would take 10 minutes less. It's not worth it risking wasting a machine portal imo,. on lv8 not getting a frag when you can be 100% certain on MP10 and stuff is so faceroll with cheating wiz's and perma-zerked barbs. I dont like leaving fate in blizzards RNG its bad enough getting screwed on the random hellfire ring stats.
I have 3 machines ready to go, just need some help on mp10. Can I get an invite?
Any of you CM/permastun wiz who are turned off by this "MP10 ONLY" elitist crap, but want to look for farm/uber partners are welcome to join me on whatever MP level the run demands.

It's always the trash barbs that have elitist attitudes. Laughable.

Add me YZL#1900 for fun times in adventure land.
I agree. However I'm a Monk at heart (check my profile). I'd play on my monk but Perma freeze Wizards and perma zerking Barbs is where its at now for ubers =)
230k (buffed) wiz here. Top few hundred Wizards unbuffed. I run Archon but I think my DPS and CC is sufficient to justify it in MP10. Anyway, add me if you think my gear to be good enough. I usually leave myself AFK a lot so don't take offense if I don't message you back.

150k archon wiz. would like to try it.
10/22/2012 12:39 PMPosted by Enxius
I agree. However I'm a Monk at heart (check my profile). I'd play on my monk but Perma freeze Wizards and perma zerking Barbs is where its at now for ubers =)

I don't see how you say that. U were more beefy than Beastmode as a monk and I farm/ring with him. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BeastMode-1800/hero/264640

It's awesome...he crits for like 20+ million a pop. IMHO monks and CM is the way to fly. Maybe one barb for warcry buff.

But realistically Barbs don't do enough DPS. Sheet DPS doesnt matter - it's what build you use that multiplies it. For example Shocknadoshards variant of CM is 8.5x DPS aoe. So like a 100K shocknadoshard CM is really bringing 850K DPS spammed aoe!

Also barbs don't help group with offenseive buffs like Overawe and Bonechill. 2 CMs can make uber take 100% more damage!
Add me if you would like. I swap in more-defensive gear without losing damage.
111k dps cm/ww wiz here. I'm up for key farming then runs if anyone is keen. So far haven't really been looking for rings so only got a few act3 keys.


add me looking for more than 2 wiz in a pt to perm freeze ubers
110k dps
57 ias
110k unbuffed CM wiz, have infernal machines to contribute

205k WD if you need dps.
90k cm/ww wiz if you need a freezer/tank who doesn't die.
Archon 300k+ dps. (roughly, 220k unbuffed). With some strong defenses.
Count me in, 200 k dps archon, good survavility too.
Mp10 cm wiz trayen#1284
114k dps, changes depending on what gear I'm using.
MP10 CM wiz 110k dps and 2.74 breakpoint attack speed.
Trayen :(
102K unbuffed CM wiz
36k life
125k unbuffed dps
4.4k armor
800 all resist
2.8 A/S
47 CC

looking for capable folks for MP8+ uber runs
I will actually get some gear for eLinminator's UberDeath build and 3 machines and look you guys up.

edit: in archon ~180k in dps/defense gear + i dont die; not sure what will it be after i get -torrent +apoc gears. should be lower paper DPS but with +30% vs elit from SoJ should compensate.

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