Just "killed" Jay Wilson in A1, lol

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Went for quick run with mates, A1 one of the cripts looking monsters names, ha-ha, developers or someone, i.e. Andrew, John, Henry, and... Jay Wilson! Holding trigger, waiting for good drop, nothing. Thanks Bliz, it was fun anyway :)

Have you seen him somewhere else?
He spawns in developer hell. Is a nice little easter egg, I actually went through their slowly and read every Zombies name and what they do, was interesting a lot of staff for D3...is a shame they all had to die...
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
Say what you want about this game and blizz, but you have to give them this much.

This is probably the only time 99% of us will ever read the names of the developers and support staff of a game.
yeh funny aye i killed jay wilson a week ago he was soft;) lol
BEST KILL EVER!!!!!!! nice
just met him last night, he was an elite and got killed from his arcane. met Wayne cheng zombie too :)
There's a well that spawns in New Tristram with named zombies too - I think all from the QA team.

EDIT: Old Tristram, not new...
Did you submit a support ticket while you where there?

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