Gearing without the AH... anyone doing it??

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I've been only gearing my characters since 1.0.5 with found drops. With the increased drops, the possibility of lower level items being viable, and the adjustable difficulty, i feel like its much more reasonable to be able to get half decent gear without using the auction house.

As is, my DH and my barb are both viable for MP5+ playing, and im slowly working on my other toons.

I'm even going so far as to refuse handouts from most of my friends, I want to feel like all of my progress is the result of my own efforts.

The best part about this, it makes many more drops give me that "Yay!" feeling. i know i could upgrade many of my pieces with less than 100k, but im having a lot more fun this way, and its giving the game quite a bit more longevity for me.

is anyone else trying this? or have given it a shot at least? How well is it working out for you?
It is much fun to gear without AH but i don't know if anybody does it. Most of the gamers that are still playing D3 do it because they fail in playing other games or because they want to get gold. AH system was a major step back to the game gameplay because everything was made the easiest way ever.
If you play for the gameplay you shouldn't use the AH that much because it is not fun.
Since Diablo 3 was released I have only ever used the AH for selling items (usually they don't sell and i vendor them). I have never bought a single piece of equipment from the AH. Pretty much still stuck in MP 1 right now....
I'm also trying it with my mage, and yes, it's quite nice 8-)

However, starting with nightmare, I did a bit of cheating - i. e. I've used my other toons to search for gear, in different acts/diff. levels combination, in order to get drops witch are equal in level with the wiz. And I fell a bit on the dark side and used higher level gems :-)) But it feels rewarding nevertheless, even if, like you said, I could easily get upgrades for under 100k a piece.

Here's my profile, since I'm on EU server:
I've been doing it since release. The fun in it for me is finding the stuff, not buying it. Though sometimes I'll buy some cheap upgrade, usually nothing over like 500k. Found almost all of my characters a pair of Depth Diggers, and like 3 Inna's helms...
Yes, been doing it since release.
To those who think the AH should be removed, think of how it was in Diablo 2 where you had to spend hours joining and leaving trade games just to get scammed and haggled to death. The AH was the logical and inevitable convenient commodity.
Yeah I tend to avoid the ah if I can. But mostly I farm my own items or trade with friends.
10/24/2012 01:52 AMPosted by Gastank
To those who think the AH should be removed, think of how it was in Diablo 2 where you had to spend hours joining and leaving trade games just to get scammed and haggled to death. The AH was the logical and inevitable convenient commodity.

Not what i encountered in d2. Never tried to be a diablo tycoon unlike apparently more than half of the present d3 players.

If i found something worth a hr or whatnot, i just made a game called 'X item for Y hr'. Or if i needed X item and had Y item or Z number of hrs to offer, i just make a game which name went 'YZ for ur X' and just started mfing. People would join and trade was mostly quick and painless.
If i could reset my account i'd probably go self found only NO auction house. I probably will go self find in the future when the game is in even better shape for this playstyle. Currently i just have my DH like this but don't her much as i find she is in the worst shape in regards to having high latency.
a little bit, the amu i use is selffound
(stats on bottom dont update, idk why.... that amu gives me way more dps!)
10/24/2012 01:52 AMPosted by Gastank
To those who think the AH should be removed, think of how it was in Diablo 2 where you had to spend hours joining and leaving trade games just to get scammed and haggled to death. The AH was the logical and inevitable convenient commodity.


I agree and had a similar experience in D2.

Let me ask you this, if you wanted to get from point A to point B which was 100 miles away would you A) Walk or B) Drive?

If you don't use the AH then congratulations, you waste more time finding gear than the rest of us. I don't see the problem with it, its global, safe (trade scum cannot trick you) and its easy to find an upgrade.

If I wanted to upgrade in D2 I would need to setup a trade game wait for players then see there wares and make a judgement call on the improvement by either selling other items or hr's. In D3 there is one stable trading source (gold) which makes it a lot easier to trade and easier to find specific upgrades without having to setup X trade games to find a suitable upgrade or chatting to people on the forums.

@jinsuke, just out of interest, if you only use the AH to sell then what do you use your gold for?

Regards Apocalypse
I've never used AH and never will. If the game, for some reason, gets MF nerf and becomes unplayable, I'll stop playing it. But I will never use AH - it doesn't feel right. It's as though I bought myself an academic title. Sort of. Having something without actually earning it.
Since the MF is influenced by the presence of AH, there could be an option of taking your char out of the AH environment. It's just and idea, I don't know whether it would work.
I started leveling a wiz this way in the previous patch. Only cheating I did was using the gold and the plans I got with my other chars to craft items. Haven't played on her since .05, though. I'm having a lot more fun on my monk right now :)
its cool to know so many other people are doing this. ive only broken my rules twice i think.

right after 1.0.5, when i started playing my DH again and i couldnt stand not having movement speed increase, so i bought a set of 12% boots for about 15k.

and about a week ago, i wanted to make my barb into a tank build, instead of a dual wield throw build. i had every other piece but no str based shields, so i picked up a real cheap one with sub par stats.

other than that, ive been pretty lucky finding gear for all my toons. i found some lacunis for my dh, a zuni helm for my wd, and i have a decent schaeffers mallet that im trying to work out a build for on either my monk or wizard. i really like the lightning shield on that bad boy...
my monk is 100% self found/self crafted with own crafting mats/self gems. Only thing I share between chars is the artisan recipes obviously since you learn them once and they are account wide.

Very fun, jumped for joy when I got these bracers yesterday, one step at a time.
I have one character on hardcore that is committed to not using the AH (and no aid from my other toons, no gems, etc). The loot is a lot more exciting for me and the game play is very gratifying, except that it is unofficial and I have no friends that join me in this secret 3rd mode of play. The rest of my characters are hardcore which I play the majority of the time, and I also have 2 softcore ones for testing builds on.

However, it bugs me that people ridicule each other for playing this mode or that mode. People enjoy the game for different reasons, we just need to understand that hardcore, softcore, or no use of the AH offer a drastically different experience from one another. What may be entertainment for some may feel like work for others; what may be a waste of time for some to build up a hero only to lose him later may be a more potent use of time for others. Conflict arises when we fail to see and accept our differences.
Have bought 1 or 2 things in 102 but that was it. I have hand-geared both my barb and DH since then. It's fun but way too much time and patience, i have been wondering if it's really worth it.
Well it would be fun on a personal level, but when trying to get through higher difficulties, playing off drops hinders progress, especially if drops are for other character classes. It would make sense that upon getting a pair of zuni boots I sell them to get nat prints, especially since i committed to one character class and don't have time to dive head on into new characters
On my wizard I use the AH, but on all my other chars (well, monk is the only other one I'm working on) I only use gear I find myself, usually from my wizard. I think I'm doing pretty well considering.

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