Gearing without the AH... anyone doing it??

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I beat the game on the original inferno using about 1/2 AH gear. It's pretty hard to compare the AH of the first month of the game to the AH of today though, I remember I bought an 800 dps mace for like 5 million and all it had was like 180 LoH, but it got the job done as I eventually used it in my diablo fight. Back then my monk was just a tank for A3 and I would run with a few DH and Wiz friends who were using like 1100 dps blue bows. We all just traded upgrades because the gear that we found was comparable to the best gear on the AH. The game is A LOT different now, and I'd guess you could beat the game with no AH in under 100 hours no problem. You probably wouldn't have to do more that 3 runs of each act before you found enough gear to progress through the next act.
Agree. The first time I went through using dropped gear before the nerfs it took over 500 hours. The upgrade path was VERY slow
Never ever used AH, never will ... no trade either (except with my wife who play the same way) It’s just not for me...
Diablo is a loot game, not a tamagoshi :p...
Of course I don't have "godly" gear, but what's the definition of a godly gear?
It's subjective: simply depends on the basis of your comparison terms.
If you’re using AH, you will compare with AH’s stuff … stuff gathered upon thousands of players…
As long as I can enjoy my experience in the game it’s ok for me.
And for those who claim that it’s not possible to get far in the game without AH, I started to play during 1.03 and made my way up to late Inferno Act 1.
With 1.04 it was quite easy to farm act 3 (was not able to defeat Diablo himself).
Of course I don’t farm MP10 (and I don’t expect I will …) but I can enjoy MP1-4.
Playing without AH feels more rewarding (even before 1.05 and the new inferno drop system).
Most players who whine endlessly about the broken loot system should play without AH … Loot system is not perfect but not that flawed if you don't want billions drop every corner.
Anyway Game should not be about efficiency but fun ... I don’t play for efficiency, I have a work for that…
And like someone already said in this thread, I’m in for a “no AH” option (similar of the ‘hardcore’ option) : separate games, separate stash, loot not “AH depending” …
I'm not good at this game. If I didn't use the auction house to buy gear upgrades, I'd never get anywhere.
In all loot games, I like to find gear myself, it has more value to me. It just feels better that I worked for it myself, put my time in it, didn't take any shortcuts and don't have to owe anyone anything, just like in real life. This game is no different, so no gah, trades for me; all self found.
I've been only gearing my characters since 1.0.5 with found drops. With the increased drops, the possibility of lower level items being viable, and the adjustable difficulty, i feel like its much more reasonable to be able to get half decent gear without using the auction house.

As is, my DH and my barb are both viable for MP5+ playing, and im slowly working on my other toons.

I'm even going so far as to refuse handouts from most of my friends, I want to feel like all of my progress is the result of my own efforts.

The best part about this, it makes many more drops give me that "Yay!" feeling. i know i could upgrade many of my pieces with less than 100k, but im having a lot more fun this way, and its giving the game quite a bit more longevity for me.

is anyone else trying this? or have given it a shot at least? How well is it working out for you?

I've mostly stayed away from the AH. (GAH, I haven't touched the RMAH) However, I have used gear that my monk (and later, DH) found to gear up all of my other characters.

My next step (after finishing WD) is to make a whole new set of characters that are banned from buying off the AH and trading gear between them.
This thread is probably dead now, but just wanted to point out this recent article on Diablo: IncGamers:

Check out the section called "The Ironborn system" where the author advocates a play-style similar to hardcore where you start a character that cannot use the AH and can only play with other Ironborn characters. So you would have a whole player base and economy for self-found players. I personally think it's a great idea. I've been playing this way since the very beginning. I don't think I've ever even brought up the AH screen.

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