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got a whisper from a random lvl 6 barb, hint buddy wanna scam people try a lil harder

cant believe people try and pull this BS sadly sometimes it works i hope he didn't get anyone
Heh, I remember reading a while ago that email scammers, like !@#$%ian prince ones, use horrible english and typos to ward off the people with half a brain. They don't want people who are going to talk to them for a bit and then realise it's a scam, because that's just wasting their time. They want people who will go along for the whole ride. I wonder if the same is true when it comes to account stealing. Presumably their goal isn't just to rip off peoples accounts, as that seems to me to be a low value target. Presumably their target is people who have everything on one email address, with the same password for everything, so one compromise will give them a whole online identity. Or even better, kids who are afraid of being caught doing something wrong by their parents, even if they aren't, dealing with the issue without telling said parent, and ending up getting their parents identity stolen. Hmm... makes perfect sense now really...

response made me lol :)
The theory behind this is very simple.

Scammers look for dumb people to scam. If they craft their scam emails or whispers really good such that smart people gets involved, they will waste their time as smart people don't get scammed easily no matter how much "packaging" they use.

So, the first whisper is usually just to filter out the smart ones, and then if someone is dumb enough to not recognise it, they proceed the scam, as this provides them with much higher accuracy. This explains why those scam emails appears so stupid and makes no sense to those that are well educated.

now with that out of the way

10/25/2012 04:23 PMPosted by Kalix
response made me lol :)

Some person tried to scam me the other day.
I had posted an item up in the trading forum and they guy added me and asked me if he could try the item on and would give me an item as collateral.
I told him there is no way in hell im giving this away without a full trade happening and to check a damage calc if he wants to know the diffence. He then left.

Battletag was Gwen.

Looked on wiz fourum afterwards and sure enough he is a known scammer. So beware and do not part with your prized possesions unless you are 100% sure they are legit

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