How to get rid of Herding plans

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^+1 Way to call it out. This is the typical BS employees of ANY corporation are taught to spew to their customer base. The game is called cover your !@#.
10/23/2012 01:10 AMPosted by Drake
Thanks for bringing up this issue! We definitely want players to be able to drop the Staff of Herding plans, so we’ve put this bug in our "to do" list.

Did you call it a bug?

I assume that the inability to drop the plans was a deliberate design choice to help protect people from the mistake of dropping a valuable commodity. I wouldn't call that a bug. I'd call this a possible oversight in design. Not expecting the full range of possibilities.

I don't see how it's a bug.

Not being able to get rid of it was unintentional so it would be considered a bug. Just remember, a bug is a pretty broad term. Most simplistic way of thinking of it would would be an unintended result. Since Blizzard did not intend for it to be stuck on your person permanently (without a roundabout way such as deleting a hero), it would be seen as a bug.
6 months after release, Blizzard has announced that they will allow you to drop an item.... at an undetermined point in the future, perhaps in the next 5 patches, but maybe not.

How do you get the plans in the first place? I've run Izual and Diablo about a dozen times each on normal both in mf gear and regular gear with no luck. If only you guys trying to get rid of the plans could trade me one :)
You might have to do the plans at a higher level. It drops a lot on inferno with no MF on. I'd give you the one I have if I could lol. I picked it up by accident too. I used to be able to drop it on the ground.. what happened blizzard?

The plans for the hellfire ring you can sell (or at least I was able to) for 1 gold at the merchant but not the staff plans. For an item that people can re-create or pickup parts for again should be disposable at the merchants. Maybe they just forgot some of the items.
I have a suggestion. Cos blizzard mention before that this is to prevent it from accidentally drop. I suddenly thought of something. There will be a tick box at every items. Meaning that if U put a tick on the item, it is lock & will not be accidentally drop or sell. By default, there is no tick in every items. I remember that I lost one of main shield & I do not know is through accidentally drop or right click at npc & sold. After that I search 20 min for the whole place but unsuccessful. It cost me 3 million gold at AH.
I actually have 3 of them. Never got to throwing them away..Now that I tried, I couldn't! Doh!
Fixed as of patch 1.0.7...just tested it while I was going to Tristram on a new character to delete my redundant N: Staff plans

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