"Orders from Maghda" showing in Act II

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One of the Campaign Achievements in Act I is "Taking Notes" and one of the checkboxes is for "Orders from Maghda." I found that in Leoric's Manor and have that checked off (along with all the other checkboxes for that achievement and I received credit for the achievement as expected.

In Act II there is a Campaign Achievement called "Judge of Character" with 36 checkboxes, one of which is "Orders from Maghda" again. All my research indicates that this is only found in Act I, and I already have that checked off. And after walking through ACT II several times I can find no "Orders from Maghda" anywhere.

There are two Forum topics that speak to this:

This has all the signs of a bug in the system.
Can someone help us out?
I have the same problem. I am looking forward to hearing about a solution. I'm working on my remaining act 2 Campaign Achievements and this book is one of the very last remaining.
I have the same issue...
Same problem here...

In the guides you find on the internet, they say the book loots on a Cultist in Leoric's Manor (Act I).

Did anyone ever find this book ? Since 1.0.5 ? Does this affect the achievment ?
Same here.

Any update on this?
I can second .... or sixth this.
Put me on this list too. I have the same issue.
Same deal here, I cant complete the achivement cous the book is not in act 2 ?!
yes, got this problem since patch 5, were doing achievements, and just cant fnd this :/ this is an error in achievement system that Bnet need to fix it, there is no solution for this. :)
Same here, I hope Blizzard will fix this asap. :o)
Please fix this, same problem with me.
Iam in, fix please
Yup, I have the same issue.
I have the same problem
Yup, same. At first I thought I'd got it, realised that it was an Act 1 drop, and then wondered why the hell I was seeing it in the Act 2 achievements. :( I'm trying to complete my Act 2 achievements now. Hope they can fix this.
Same here,

Orders from Maghda is the last item that needs to be checked (or withdrawn from the list since it's non-existant in Act II) for me to get the Judge of Character achievement (10 points), and Judge of Character is the last achievement left for me to get the Grand Lorekeeper of Sanctuary achievement (20 points). Really hope that I'll see them "completed" on my achievement screen when it's fixed, as well as the 30 points boost...
I haven't found it since the only place I've looked for it so far is the internet...

Yet this was the best sign that { Judge of Character - Orders from Maghda } its currently not available, but I've looked at my buddies achievements and his "orders from Maghda" is checked, which I would presume that he found it before the patch. Though I can't confirm that at the moment since he's offline, and I'm sure he would not likely remember location.

Edit: Just realized 2 sec after posting to look at date completed...
He finished Judge of Character on 8/19/12 if that helps.
Same issue.

BTW finished in Act I already on 25-07-2012 by finding 'order of maghda', but in act II it also shows... no chance of finding it there however.
Confirmed: created a new character, got to Leoric's Manor in act one, killed the mobs and "orders from maghda" book dropped and received the act 2 "judge of character" completed since this was the last book i needed to get for it.
On a new hero I got to Leoric's Manor in act one, killed the mobs and still no drop.

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