D3 + Youtube = freeze?

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To start, I play Diablo 3 in Full Screen Windowed Mode, as I'm sure that has something to do with it. As I get to the log in screen, I minimize, and load Youtube. or the other way around, doesn't matter. Youtube freezes my browser. I switch to Diablo 3, and, if I managed to press "play" on whatever video I happen to get lucky getting to, it plays normally while Diablo 3 is the focus window on my computer. Minimize Diablo 3, and Youtube freezes again.

Anybody else having similar issues?
Pale Moon, which is Firefox with a new name.

Weird thing is, it's not a Flash issue (though everything else is, screw Flash), because the stream I have on right now does not seem to be affected.
i've noticed this with the opera browser. Not sure if it's my 560 ti or not though. My game froze minutes in five times in a row. Then i close my browser, and i play for an hour.
Yeah, not sure what would be causing the freezing. I often run youtube, netflix, etc. on full screen with second monitor as I play without any issues.
I have noticed this as well, but mine does not freeze it just stutters like crazy, as if it had terrible framerate issues, first time it happened I was on the D3 client and alt tabbed to look for a video, when I returned to D3 it was stuttering, another time I was looking at youtube vids and opened the D3 client and behold the game was running very slow...

I have a 10 meg line, and have no problems with other games and youtube at all...
This happens to me on Youtube and most Blip videos, though some are exempt. Pretty sure it has to do with the codec the video uses. (I'm on a high-end Imac that has no problem running D3 at max settings at 60fps, so it's not just a Windows thing.) Tried Chrome to no avail. Safari, Firefox, Chrome.. all have the same problem.

For now my secondary computer does all my Youtube stuff while playing.
Yeah, nothing's helped so far.
I really really wanna know why this is !@#$ing happening. Seriously.
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