Realm of Discord - Possible Maghda Bug

Bug Report
Hey Blizz,

while I was doing the SK and Magdha in the Realm of Discord I may have come across a bug.
We were doing some AOE damage on both the bosses until Maghda used her shield and spawned the Pain Mongers. Now I expected, that the shield would disappear as soon as her minions were dead. But this was not the case. Maghda stayed invulnerable the whole time until the SK was dead.

I don't know if this is intentional or a bug. If it is a bug I think the reason it occured could be, that her minions were killed out of Maghda's range and it didn't make her lose the shield.

Thanks :)
same thing happened here. I killed her minions within her range (I used a melee barb) and she stayed invulnerable. what's worse? my game just crashed while I tabbed out to google this bug. wasted 3 keys :(

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