Game crashing at startup?!

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I found 2 quicktime plugin folders.
One under System -> Library -> Quicktime
the other under Library -> Quicktime

Im a video editor so have a lot of third party plugins. Recently i used my dslr camera as a webcam with a program called camtwist It installed some plugins and maybe they have something to do with it.
Cant find the Sonix plugin though.
These i got: &

can you open terminal and run the following commands?
ls -ls /System/Library/QuickTime > ~/Desktop/system-library-quicktime.txt
ls -ls /Library/QuickTime > ~/Desktop/library-quicktime.txt
ls -ls ~/Library/QuickTime > ~/Desktop/user-library-quicktime.txt

and then upload the 3 files that have appeared on your desktop. The developers are going to need the full list of plugins.
No need anymore. Got it working again after several weeks.

What i did was:
- update my CUDA drivers of my gtx570
- deleted a certain quicktimeplugin which came with webcam software

Thanks for all the support

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