Frequent crashes on 13" macbook pro

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I have been running Diablo 3 on my 13" 2009 Macbook pro 2,26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo for a while now and the application frequently crashes at random intervals. Sometimes it closes itself after 20 minutes or an hour, but the diablo 3 icon is still "active" in the dock and has to be force closed.

these are a few of the error logs I get:

and the most recent: C29D8F4C-AC20-40D0-85D4-59847EC6E4EB

I have done all the troubleshooting suggestions for crashes inlcuding:
resetting/repairing folder and disk permissions
closing other applications
Done all the overheating prevention
reset SMC and PRAM
reinstalled combo drivers
and reinstalled the whole game from both the disc and the online version

I am absolutely clueless about what is wrong with it, as everything is running fine on other machines.

any ideas?
Please, any response to this would be great..
I have the same problem
@GREBLAM- Please post your crash report ID so we can check out the error report.

@iLoveLamp - Has the issue been resolved since the latest update?
My issue still persists in the exact fashion as before, even after the latest patch. Nothing has changed

Edit: here is another recent error code: 14C4C38F-1067-4984-89AE-1FAC6605FC62
SIGABRT (Abort trap)

Thread 0x0000370B "GLWorker Thread"
0 0x00494569 "com.blizzard.diablo3"
1 0x003C6430 "com.blizzard.diablo3"
2 0x9158186B "libsystem_c.dylib"
3 0x99600A6A "libsystem_kernel.dylib"
4 0x915CD4F8 "libsystem_c.dylib"
5 0x03A27159 "libGPUSupport.dylib"
6 0x8EE02A36 ""
7 0x8EE02EB2 ""
8 0x05114CFB "GLEngine"
9 0x994724AF ""
10 0x9709DB1D ""
11 0x0042118A "com.blizzard.diablo3"
12 0x00412DF4 "com.blizzard.diablo3"
13 0x00471F82 "com.blizzard.diablo3"
14 0x00471E41 "com.blizzard.diablo3"
15 0x91595557 "libsystem_c.dylib"
16 0x9157FCEE "libsystem_c.dylib"

This seems to be completely relating to your graphics card or driver. You mentioned you did a combo update, so you may want to run an Apple Hardware Test and see if everything is ok.

I got it checked out by apple and apparently the crashes happened because some of the RAM was corrupted

The crashing has stopped now, thank you.

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