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Just curious, if I'm in the game and got a key or plan drop, hold on and invite someone, will he get that drop as well? Without 5NV? After obtaining 5NV?
Well first of you need 5nv just to get them to drop so he will need 5 also. secondly it is based on luck and what mp level you do it on, so no guarantees.
No. They need to be in the game before the monster dies and register a hit on that monster to get any loot from it. Then even with 5 stacks of NV just because one player gets the key to drop it doesn't mean all will.
... register a hit on that monster to get any loot from it

Thanks, make sense now.
10/24/2012 05:52 PMPosted by Windslot
and register a hit on that monster to get any loot from it.

While the rest you were saying is correct, being in the area is sufficient no need for a hit on the monster.
tell you good way to do this if you want to help friends out or something or just want to give oppurtunity for someone to get key is to do the following

go solo in which ever mp level you can do . go to were u know elites are reasonably close to the checkpoint portal things and get them down to around 10-20% health left and then drag them to the portal and then portal to next location and then do the same gather 5 elites to portals and then go to the area were the keywarden is and find him and drag him to portal and get his health down to same roughly 10-20% then go to town.. invite ur friends or people you wish to join the game for a chance to get key drop.. and then tell them to follow you to elites then u portal to were u know elites are and wait till everyone appears were u are before killing the elites then go to were keywarden is and kill him ...its reasonably good i think especially if u have a good group of friends and theyll do the same so all in all u get a quick run about 2-3minutes when doing someone elses and when u do it urself setting up the elites etc can take anywhere from 3-30minutes depending on mp level..

just a little way i do it sometimes ..especially when i am about to do machine portals will setup it all so once my team joins me its quick getting 5stacks and no messing around especially on higher mp levels taking forever etc.
Thanks DjDan, good approach, will follow it.

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