Patch required glitch happening right now?

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Everytime I log into the game and type in my username and password, it says that a new patch is required and it will immediately start to install it, however, nothing happens and so when I log back in it says the same error message. Is this happening to anyone else?
Region: The Americas
Same happening to me.
yes happens to me too
Here too...
WAIT FOR MAINTENANCE TO BE OVER, then if it doesnt work go to c drive, programdata file, delete battlenet folder, delete blizzard ent folder, your launcher will redownload these folders and their files and it will work fine
Same here
good to know im not the only one :)
Also seeing it.. L2Admin
It happens to me as well. Please fix it ASAP
If you look at the server status page, the server is still currently down... Should be good to go when they come back up.
Same here.
Lol my bad Emp, you beat me to it ;p
Its happening to me as well
American Servers are down ....
1.05a already? man they sure better make it worth it coz the last time it was a 2.06 patch (1.05)
Emp says it best.

People, be patient and check the server status first, or wait till it has been announced.

I get the feeling a lot out there can't wait and start trying to login around the 2 hour mark. Then jump the gun and post everywhere about the "issue. LOL

<epic facepalm>
Just change your language and change it back the patch will start downloading. 2.75 gigs for a couple of crash issues seems a bit much for me....I think something else was dropped in that they arent telling us.

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