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Thinking of re-kitting my character, so I have 2 x hand xbows, Danetta's Creed up for grabs. They got me through Inferno - check my profile for xbow stats. I'm looking at 30m for the set.

im not a DH but i think you've over valued them by a fair bit
Lacking in the DPS department. Neither have sockets (IAS rolls are ok, but you need good CD from them).
Happy to have offers made if that price seems unreasonable.
sorry, i wouldnt want :( dont mean to burst your bubble
All good... knowing my luck they're worth squat and I'd be better off salvaging them :P
have you looked oh th AH for similar?
I find the AH is quite variable and a bit annoying to use. They're going for 2.8 - 50m each.

Having another look now, I reckon the rolls I got are probably worth more like 6-7m ea (not the 20m I paid a couple moths ago!). I'll just hang on the them for now and save up for something better.

Hey Slaine not to burst your bubble but I upgraded mine from a set just like yours to what I have now and can't sell the old ones I have them in my stash. I started listing them at 1M then eventually got down to 600K still no sale. Now they just sit on a mule as I can't bring myself to just salvage them. I think you should be able to get about 1M a peice if you are lucky because of the IAS.

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