Act4 bug in the "Radiant Chapel"

Bug Report
The last two times I've been into the "Radiant Chapel" in act 4 there was a champion pack.
Both of these times I killed the whole pack and I got my NV buff, but I did not get any loot.

So yeah, they don't drop any loot. No gold, no potions, no tomes, nothing.

The first time I thought I encountered a rare bug, but I have a feeling it always happens because the next time I was in the "Radiant Chapel", the same thing happened. No loot, only NV buff.

Edit, some extra info:

- played on inferno MP 3
- played solo
- played with the scoundrel follower
- played on my Demonhunter
Is there anybody out there who can confirm this?
Confirmed, googled to see if perhaps there was some part of the room you had to trigger for a resplendent chest or something, it seems that there is currently no loot dropping from the champions which spawn in that room, I think I'll be skipping it until something (if anything) is adjusted in the matter.
Thanks and bump for justice because this bug isn't in the known bugs list yet, while it should be.
I have also encountered this problem. On my DH, on MP3 with my Scoundrel, exactly like you. No loot, only NV.
Yep. I've noticed this in 1.6 - and I don't see anything in patch notes for 1.7 to say that it's getting fixed.

update: And from memory, after the rares are killed another mob is supposed to spawn and that mob is the one that is supposed to drop the loot.

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