Blood Magic

If you want a cheap weapon to try out - buy a Vigilance.

You can get a 1400 DPS, 5-6% LS, OS Vigilance for 3-8M.
I'm only a low-end archon but I did some simple math here

If you have 3% LS on a 1-hander that's 0.6% in inferno. Reflect damage is 10% and the real damage can be more than 1% unless you have that 5K armor 900 AR mitigation. So the conclusion is you need LPS/potion/globe/trash to make up for the 0.4% difference.

With Blood Magic the difference becomes merely 0.1% which is much more manageable. I think that would be the solution for higher MP.

For example, I have only 138K sheet DPS so I'm doing about 400K DPS. With 86.5% mitigation the difference for me is 0.75% = 3K damage each mob. I have 600 life regen so the net HP drain will be 2400/s. I can stand there beaming for 13.8s before melting myself which is good enough for a MP2 pack. Feel free to put in your numbers in this model.

With an LS skorn you will be almost set for any reflect Maysrill :)
Oh, I don't worry about reflect mobs. The only troubles I have with them are when there is other stuff hitting me too, and I can't get everything under one beam. Crossfires suck for archon. I'll take on nearly anything in a narrow hallway. If I can lay a beam down on it, I can out-heal it's damage, up to about MP7 or so.

Alternate idea: LOADS of +health on potion. You then need to find the balancing point between the amount you're losing and how much a potion gives you back. Base it on one potion per RD pack.

I tested this last night running my current setup and let's just say I am afraid to comment on how effective this was versus reflect mobs....I did a few vault of the assassin runs and ran into 2 elite mobs at once both having reflect and it was very doable without having to even move.

I am not holding my breath for the new patch fact I am scared of it.
Lol. Your sword's name is "Worthy Crack".
It gets the job

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