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Hello guys, I was wondering what should I use as skill with my WD and the gear that I have. I tried the horrify last night but I usually use restless giant instead. So what would be the best for me and what gear should I change too.
I'm at the point of wanting to optimize my character for what i have and of course when i'll have the money I'll upgrade my gears ;p

I saw a thread about Spirit barrage and BR or ROE but I'm not so sure to understand all those terms.
Plus I want to try the 0 CD sacrifice but still looking for the pieces ! I'll play that style when I'll be farming with a CM wiz so I dont have to change all items on me ! (And can have two builds )

To be honest i learned what was 0 CD sacrifice dogs 2 days ago but people around 80 k dps crits for 1 m to 1.5m per dog ? Is that true cause if it is this build is really OP and I understand then why pieces are so expansive in AH

So finally I want to know what would fits me better and I'll appreciate all comments and tips that would help me ! ;)

Thank you everyone!
I also have an andariel visage but i dont use it for the survivability of the mempo even though i lose 9-10k dps i think i get more res and life so am i doing the good choice with that? And no i dont have the money to buy a mempo with cc or a zuni with cc too im kind of broke atm and i cant seem to get any good drops. only legs i get are ageless might or lacuni without cc or cindercoats lol
Can you post a link to your character profile? Hard to give meaningful advice without it.
My bad ! I thought that you could see my profile by clicking on my name

Here it is :
;( nobody wants to help me?
Ok. I can't help you too much with a zero dogs build because I don't use it. But the idea is to get as much dog cool down as you can on all your gear so you can have your dogs up as much as possible so you can sacrifice them.

Spirit Barrage/Well of Souls (WoS) and Blood Ritual (BR) is another build entirely which usually uses the passive Rush of Essence (RoE) to generate mana return so more bears can be thrown.
WoS is a pain in the butt skill that requires some getting used to as it is aimed off target so the 4 souls can all hit the same target. Then the idea is that RoE will slowly return mana to the player allowing more bear spam.
I don't use the WoS skill either because I tried it and didn't like it. I use Vision Quest as my mana generator (30% mana regen when using a primary). So if you want to try the WoS build I suggest you search this forum for more info on it.

As long as we are talking about passive skills, how are Spiritual Attunement (SA) and Pierce the Veil working out for you? If you are running out of mana a lot when throwing bears you might want to use something other than PtV e.g. Blood Ritual, or Bad Medicine.

Your active skills look OK, not sure why you use both AC and Bears and I'm not really sure which skill you prefer. If you want to work more damage in I would suggest using Soul Harvest.

As far as your gear goes it looks like you have maximized crit chance and damage really well. Not sure why you have piled on all that attack speed -- 34%. If you are having trouble throwing bears too fast that could be a problem.

It looks like you need more All Resist (AR) and Armor on your gear. AR should be somewhere around 500 without Intelligence boosting, and your armor should be around 4000. Your HP is also pretty low (29,000) for running MP4 and above, so try to add vitality to get your HP over 40,000. These are all things to keep in mind as you upgrade gear.

So what was bothering you the most when you posted and what are you trying to do until you scrape together zero dog gear?
Thank you for all the help skywalker and sorry I couldnt answer before . I will try them tonight after work. I'll try to make upgrades with my gear too . Even if i get the 0 CD build ill still keep a dps style build so ill have two sets of armor . If you were wondering why i use AC with bears its because when the are far or when they are RD that allows me to survive until my SW is ready an then bears and of course i run out of mana quick i can throw 5 bears in a row (spam) after i dps with splinters and as soon as bears back i throw again i alternate then if i could say. So this is why i asked for what build would be better than this .
I really appreciate your time and thanks again;)
what i recomend for you is to lower your ias to get the most of your bears and change your skills so u get more regen on your mana this is what i use with my wd!Uae!cabccb

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